Kate Middleton Pregnant With Twins – Real Or Rumor? (EXCLUSIVE)

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Kate Middleton twins 2015

By Michael Lewittes |

Kate Middleton twins 2015


Kate Middleton is not pregnant with twins, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this false claim. We’re told by a palace insider that the story is categorically “untrue.”

According to OK!, Middleton and Prince William are expecting again, and the “palace confirms [she’s having] a boy and a girl.” The tabloid also features on its cover a photo of two babies in utero, along with the caption, “Palace releases sonogram.” The claims, however, are complete lies. A spokesperson for the Duchess of Cambridge tells Gossip Cop, “The Palace has not released a statement” about Middleton being pregnant nor a sonogram of her alleged twins.

The tabloid fills it space with nonsense about how “royal doctors are taking every precaution this time around and ordered her to bed rest.” Of course, Middleton attended the London premiere of the new James Bond film Spectre on Monday night, and was out again on Tuesday for the event 100 Women in Hedge Funds, which was held at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

The article goes on and on about how the thought of two more babies initially caused Middleton and Prince William to be “nervous” and “panic,” but the tabloid’s made-up “source” says they now realize “there’s nothing they can’t handle.” The fabricated “source” is further quoted as saying, “It wasn’t their exact plan, but they’re falling in love with the babies already; and once they’re born next year, they know they’ll wonder how they ever lived without them.”

There are no babies. Middleton and Prince William are not having twins. And the palace never confirmed any of the manufactured lies from OK! A palace insider tells Gossip Cop in no uncertain terms that Middleton is not pregnant, let alone with twins, and assures us virtually every claim made by the tabloid is 100 percent “untrue.”

Of course, this is not the first time the magazine has made up a Kate Middleton pregnant with twins cover story. Gossip Cop busted the unreliable tabloid in March 2014 when it seemingly tried to deceive its readers with an eerily similar and equally false report (see below).

Kate middleton pregnant twins 2014


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Kate Middleton is pregnant with twins.


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