A new tabloid report claiming Kate Middleton "won't be dressing her twins alike" is completely fabricated. In fact, the entire article is based on an untrue premise as the Duchess of Cambridge isn't pregnant with twins. Gossip Cop can expose this bogus story.

Last week, Life & Style published an inaccurate cover story declaring that Middleton is pregnant with twins. Gossip Cop exclusively corrected the claim after a Kensington Palace insider confirmed the Duchess is only expecting one child. Unfortunately, that hasn't stopped the unreliable magazine from continuing to push its phony narrative. In a follow-up article, the outlet purports to know why Middleton won't dress her so-called "twins" in the same outfits.

"[She wants the twins to] be seen as individuals and allowed to develop their own personalities," says the tabloid's alleged source, who further contends the Duchess is having identical girls. "The twins will sleep in separate bedrooms but will share a playroom with George and Charlotte. Kate feels that it's important for her eldest two to bond with the newborns." The seemingly nonexistent insider adds, "She's obviously worried that George and Charlotte will be jealous of the babies, especially Charlotte, who loves being the center of attention. But Kate knows that sibling rivalry is all part of the process of growing up."

Once again, Middleton is only having one child. In fact, when the royal palace confirmed the Duchess's pregnancy on Twitter last month, it implicitly stated that she and Prince William "are expecting a baby in April 2018." There was no mention of twins or more than one baby. Come April, it will be interesting to see how Life & Style explains why the Duchess only delivered one child.

Gossip Cop predicts the untrustworthy outlet will just pretend it never mentioned twins. That was the case in April 2016, when the tabloid first wrongly reported Middleton was expecting two babies. That time, however, the Duchess wasn't even pregnant, let alone carrying twins. This latest article is simply more fiction from the repeatedly discredited publication.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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