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Kate Middleton is not "pregnant with twin girls." She's not having twins, period. Gossip Cop can bust this inaccurate claim for the second time.

On Wednesday, Life & Style published a cover story falsely announcing pregnant Middleton is having twins. In the article, it was specifically claimed the babies are identical twin girls. But within hours of the issue hitting newsstands, Gossip Cop spoke with Kensington Palace and received official confirmation that the assertions were untrue. Middleton is carrying just one baby.

So, what does HollywoodLife do? Regurgitate the untrue allegations, of course, one day later. Quoting from the tabloid, the webloid refers to a "royal insider" saying, "Kate and William were both shocked when they found out." The site goes on to repeat various other contentions from the gossip magazine, such as Prince William's supposed concern that "Kate will be taking on too much once the twins are born." All the while, though, the outlet has no idea if these assertions are correct.

In fact, the second paragraph of the online publication's story begins with, "If the report is true." Stop right there. If HollywoodLies, a purported news outlet, doesn't know if the report is true or false, then why pick it up in the first place? Gossip Cop would venture the webloid didn't care about accurately informing readers with real news. In fact, the site ends by asking, "HollywoodLifers, do you think Kate is actually expecting twins?" Um, how should they know? The outlet is supposed to be informing readers, not the other way around.

But HollywoodLies, as is so often the case, was apparently more concerned with capitalizing on potential traffic from interest in this subject than first figuring out if there's any merit to the tabloid's claims. If the webloid was a legitimate news enterprise, it would've first fact-checked the allegations, either by investigating with Kensington Palace or seeing if any reliable publications corroborated the "twin girls" assertions. With a little research, the site would've seen that Kensington Palace set the record straight, via Gossip Cop, a day before it picked up the untrue cover story.

What makes this all the more ridiculous is that in its post, HollywoodLies included Kensington Palace's tweet from last month, in which it formally announced, "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting their third child." Note that the statement says "third child," not "third and fourth children." Gossip Cop previously caught the web publication exploiting Middleton's pregnancy with made-up "exclusives." Now by running the falsehoods about the Duchess expecting twins, the outlet has proven what Gossip Cop has said all along: HollywoodLies doesn't know what it's talking about. And that's especially important to keep in mind if the site suddenly flip-flops in a few days and magically claims it "exclusively" learned "the truth."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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