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Kate Middleton is still not having twin girls, despite continued erroneous claims. Gossip Cop can once again bust the rumors and confirm the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with just one baby.

Last October, Life & Style falsely announced Middleton was having twins and the babies were identical girls. Gossip Cop immediately busted the cover story upon confirming with Kensington Palace that the assertions were untrue. Then in December, OK! outright lied when it published a cover claiming the palace confirmed Middleton was expecting twin girls. Kensington Palace confirmed no such thing. On the contrary, Gossip Cop was again told Middleton is carrying just one child, as per the royal's Twitter announcement.

Now that brings us to New Idea, which is blaring on its cover, "Kate & Wills: Our Big Secret Is Out! It's Twins Girls!" Of course, the royal couple never made any such announcement, nor did they share "why we've kept it quiet until now," despite that purported quote appearing on the front of the issue. Those phrasings were purposefully chosen to mislead consumers and deceive readers into thinking the accompanying story contains official news. It does not.

Rather, the Australian tabloid merely asserts, "It seems the palace is set to announce that Prince William and wife Kate will welcome not one, but TWO new adorable babies in April." But the gossip magazine did not uncover this claim through some thorough investigation. Rather, its contentions are primarily based on the aforementioned debunked OK! cover story. The Aussie outlet quotes extensively from that busted tall tale, and tries to add fuel to the rumor by commenting, "Indeed, Kate's bump appears to be much larger at this point in her pregnancy than with George or Charlotte, meaning she won't be able to hide her secret for much longer."

But the expectant Duchess isn't hiding anything. And there's further evidence that this is all manufactured when the publication cites a so-called "insider" as saying, "Truthfully, Wills had his hopes set on another daughter. Diana yearned for a little girl of her own, so William likes to think of her smiling down, sharing her joy." No real person would unnaturally switch between "Wills" and "William." Furthermore, no one genuinely connected to the royal heir would publicly refer to him as "Wills," or talk about him and his mother without using their formal titles.

To make matters worse, New Idea also tries to trick readers by using a photo from Middleton's 2015 pregnancy with Princess Charlotte to support the allegation that she currently has a large bump because she's carrying twins. The problem, of course, is that it's not a current picture, but one from nearly two years ago. The tabloid purposefully doesn't give the date of the snapshot so it can dupe consumers.

So, to recap, the magazine is presenting debunked claims from OK!, its own concocted quotes, and undated photos to make people think Middleton is pregnant with twins. None of that purported proof holds up because she simply isn't. And time will show Gossip Cop is right when Middleton gives birth to just one baby this spring.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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