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Kate Middleton Teaching Meghan Markle Princess

(OK Magazine)

A tabloid cover story claiming Kate Middleton is "teaching" Meghan Markle how to be a princess was made up. Kensington Palace tells Gossip Cop that no one connected to the royals would actually share that or, for that matter, any other information.

But OK! is promising to let readers in on the "making of America's first royal," with a cover that boasts, "Before The Wedding Of The Century... Kate Teaching Meghan To Be A Princess!" The headline inside the issue is even a nod to The Princess Diaries, a movie in which an American is given a royal makeover. According to the article, with Markle's wedding to Prince Harry "on the horizon," Middleton is "showing the princess-to-be the royal ropes." The gossip magazine specifically claims the actress "needs to ace several etiquette lessons — from learning the proper way to sit at a state banquet to mastering the art of emerging from a car without flashing her knickers — before she and Prince Harry can say their I do's."

But, contends the outlet, "the American beauty has been lucky enough to find her own modern fairy godmother to help," thanks to "future sister-in-law," Middleton. A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Whenever Meghan's in London, the girls hole up in Kate's Kensington Palace living room for hours of what the duchess calls 'royal boot camp.' Kate is dedicated to coaching her through the bizarre intricacies of life as a princess." In addition to sharing "fashion pointers," the publication's supposed snitch asserts Middleton is "able to tell Meghan what to expect in certain situations and give pointers on how to behave without seeming like a snob."

In fact, it's alleged that Middleton's "tutelage" is what led Queen Elizabeth to give Markle her "nod of approval" when they were supposedly introduced last month. "The queen was very impressed with how Meghan presented herself," the purported tipster claims to the tabloid, which maintains Middleton's new goal is "helping to keep Meghan relaxed as her big day approaches." Contends the specious "source," "She's taken Meghan through the planning of her and William's elaborate ceremony so she has some of idea o what to expect." This alleged leaker even adds, "Harry has offered Meghan his own royal pointers, but she's happy to have Kate around to give her a woman's insight."

But the two women actually haven't been around each other much, particularly lately, given that Markle is currently working on "Suits" in Toronto. She's been filming the USA show a lot this fall, which calls into question the magazine's contention that she's spent the "past few months" learning the ways of royal life under Middleton's "guidance." And when the outlet insists the Duchess of Cambridge is Markle's "guiding light," Gossip Cop can't help but wonder who is really guiding OK!.

This is the same publication that was caught lying less than a month ago when it claimed Markle was pregnant with Prince Harry's baby. The tabloid went as far as trying to dupe readers with a picture of the star from 2014 to make consumers believe it had obtained the "first bump photos." Of course, nothing about that manufactured pregnancy is mentioned in this new cover story. That's because the allegations were fudged, just like the assertions are here. And while it's conceivable that Middleton would offer Markle some advice if she does go on to marry Prince Harry, Kensington Palace maintains the details alleged in this report did not come from anyone legitimately connected to the royals.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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