Kate Middleton NOT Taking Over For Queen Elizabeth, Despite Report

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kate middleton taking over queen elizabeth

By Michael Lewittes |

kate middleton taking over queen elizabeth

(The Globe)

Kate Middleton is not pregnant with twins nor is she taking over the throne from Queen Elizabeth, despite an absurd new report. Gossip Cop can correct this insanity. We’re told none of the claims are true.

According to the cover story of The Globe, which was gleefully regurgitated by the equally unreliable Celeb Dirty Laundry, Queen Elizabeth’s health is forcing her into “retirement,” and Kate Middleton is picking up Her Majesty’s royal duties, though Prince William’s wife is supposedly “three months pregnant with twin girls.” The specious report further claims Camilla Parker-Bowles is “furious” for supposedly “putting up with Prince Charles all these years for nothing.” The tabloid asserts since Queen Elizabeth’s recent 90th birthday, “William’s weary grandmother went into semi-retirement and handed off her duties to Kate.”

The repeatedly disproven publication goes on to contend that Middleton’s recent appearances at a number of events is purportedly Queen Elizabeth’s way of sending a “clear message to Prince Charles and his evil wife Camilla that they are out!” After quoting one of the tabloid’s seemingly made-up sources as saying that Her Highness wants to keep “that drunk Camilla away from the throne,” the equally disreputable CDL speculates, “Camilla Parker-Bowles must be stumbling around Clarence House with a gin bottle ranting and raving over how unfair it is that Kate Middleton is Queen Elizabeth’s favorite.” “Camilla waited decades to marry Prince Charles and now Camilla will never be Queen,” adds the webloid.

Gossip Cop doesn’t know where to start because there’s so much that’s factually inaccurate. In any event, the Queen has not abdicated, and Kate Middleton has not taken over the long-reigning monarch’s duties. Nor is the latter pregnant with twins. None of it is true. Additionally, despite the leapfrog theory, Prince Charles, who is Queen Elizabeth’s eldest child, is next in line for the throne, not Prince William and most especially Kate Middleton. Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a royal insider who assures us the tabloid’s latest tale, along with CDL’s possibly defamatory editorializing, bears “no semblance” to reality or the truth.

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Kate Middleton is taking over Queen Elizabeth.

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