Kate Middleton is not looking for a surrogate, despite a seemingly fabricated report. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

RadarOnline falsely declares in a headline, "Stick-Thin Princess Kate Secretly Shopping For IVF Surrogate!" It says in the accompanying article, "Battling deadly eating disorders and frantic over her fraying marriage, Prince William's skin-and-bones wife Kate has turned to test-tube procedures to have a baby! The bulimic and anorexic, 35-year-old beauty has already delivered two royal heirs with troubled pregnancies — and isn't strong enough to endure another."

The site goes on to allege the Duchess of Cambridge "can't get pregnant," and has "convinced" her royal husband "to go with in vitro fertilization." But instead of Middleton being implanted with a fertilized embryo, it's claimed the couple will "hire a surrogate to carry the infant to term so three-year-old George and his kid sis Charlotte, 1, will have another sibling." The webloid further contends Middleton's "fairy tale marriage has turned into a nightmare of desperation and heartache for the still-young beauty."

"Poor Kate's a mess, physically and mentally," a so-called "royal insider" tells the outlet. "Her eating disorders are out of control. She's also convinced a new baby will cure her marriage issues. But she's lost so much weight, she's been unable to conceive." Adds the site, "Her emotional issues are so severe, she's getting therapy for her eating disorders."

These are very serious accusations, and they come on the heels of RadarOnline's sister publication, the National Enquirer, running a cover story about Middleton being in a "bulimia battle." Tellingly, though, that tale said she was 89 pounds and refusing to get help. This new one, published just weeks later, claims she weighs 93 pounds and is in therapy.

As it turns out, neither version is accurate. Nor is the claim Middleton is seeking a surrogate to carry a child for her. Gossip Cop spoke with one of our palace contacts, who tells us the allegation is "tabloid rubbish." RadarOnline is actually a webloid, but the point is clear.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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