Kate Middleton NOT Worried About Queen Elizabeth’s “Spies,” Despite Report

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Queen Elizabeth Spying Kate Middleton

By Daniel Gates |

Queen Elizabeth Spying Kate Middleton

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Kate Middleton is not “terrified” about Queen Elizabeth having “spies” on the Duchess of Cambridge’s staff, despite a new Life & Style report that sounds a lot like the last dozen wrong Life & Style reports about the royals. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

According to the magazine, Kate is worried about a housekeeper and a landscaper who recently left her estate at Anmer Hall to return to work for Queen Elizabeth. Life & Style says the Duchess is worried that her former employees “could spill her secrets to the 88-year-old monarch, with whom Kate has repeatedly clashed.”

“Kate’s greatest fear is that someone in her house could be spying on her,” explains a so-called “insider” for the tabloid. “She knows the queen doesn’t fully trust her, and staff members are very loyal to the queen. Kate would hate for them to tell her anything they saw or heard.”

When it comes to what secrets the Duchess is even allegedly keeping from her grandmother-in-law, Life & Style struggles to come up with vague notions of her “difficult second pregnancy” and the involvement of Kate’s mother Carole Middleton. But the magazine wants to give the impression that Kate is on high alert because of previous privacy breaches… by the media, not by her family. “Kate’s learned she has good reason to worry — always,” says the tabloid’s source.

No, she does NOT have “good reason to worry,” except about these constant tabloid stories about her. Stories that have led paparazzi photographers to snap topless photos of her sunbathing, and stories that have prompted reporters to hack her cell phone. It’s places like Life & Style, which has run the same bogus “Kate vs. the Queen” story over and over, that are a problem. NOT Queen Elizabeth, who’s NOT spying on the Duchess. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop, “This is ridiculous.”


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