Pregnant Kate Middleton NOT “Rushed To Hospital” — Star Made Up Medical Crisis

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Kate Middleton Rushed to Hospital

By Daniel Gates |

Kate Middleton Rushed to Hospital


A pregnant Kate Middleton was NOT rushed to the hospital with a “terrifying health scare,” despite a new Star cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the report, which claims a “petrified” Duchess was in an ambulance roaring through the streets of London earlier this month, allegedly writhing in pain less than two months before her due date. If you’re wondering how an American magazine of low repute managed to get this exclusive, it’s because it’s fabricated.

According to the outlet, Middleton had painful early contractions that triggered the crisis. “Kate was frantic. William wasn’t home, and she was seriously concerned about the pain she was in,” a so-called “source” tells Star. “She was doubled over in agony, and her immediate fear was for her unborn baby. So she had her aides call emergency services.”

Because this story is imaginary, Star needed to find a way to explain why no one knew when one of the world’s most famous women was allegedly rushed to the hospital. Here it is: “The palace went into lockdown,” says Star, noting that no one was allowed to talk to the media.

Oh, but Star had details? The same magazine that wrongly claimed Kate was pregnant… 12 months ago? The same outlet that wrongly alleged she was having twins… multiple times? Including a 2011 cover story that falsely claimed William had found a pregnant Kate “unconscious on [the] floor” during a vacation? Not only is Star totally clueless when it comes to the royals, it seems to go for the most sensational nonsense possible.

All of the filler in the new Star report — about William and Kate’s mom rushing to her bedside at the hospital, doctors worrying about a premature birth, etc. — is made up. None of this ever happened. A royal insider tells Gossip Cop exclusively, “It’s not true,” mocking the idea that Star would be the outlet to break a story about the Duchess. Our source says it sounds like Star pretty much just wanted a sensational cover and decided to invent a story to prop it up.


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