Kate Middleton In Royal Family War?

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Kate Middleton Royal Family War

By Shari Weiss |

Kate Middleton Royal Family War

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Is Kate Middleton in a royal family war? A new report claims she’s at the center of a massive feud. Gossip Cop can separate the fact from the fiction.

“Kate Caught In The Middle Of A Royal Family War,” declares a headline in the current issue of Life & Style, which asserts, “An epic battle erupts at the palace — and it’s over Kate Middleton.” According to the story, “The Duchess of Cambridge’s charm and beauty has won the world over — and made her the royal family’s top choice to send to official functions. But it’s also put her at the center of a bitter family battle that’s turning into the worst scandal the palace has seen in decades.”

What’s supposedly going on? Well, it’s said, “Prince William’s cousins, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie are angry and jealous that Kate’s stealing the spotlight. And now William’s dad, Prince Charles, and the girls’ father, Charles’ younger brother Prince Andrew, are warring over Kate’s role.”

“Beatrice and Eugenie accused their uncle Charles of favoring Kate over them and have complained to Andrew that, as ‘blood princesses,’ they should be given more royal responsibilities,” a so-called “source” tells the magazine. “The girls have grown tired of being the forgotten princesses and resent the power and status Kate has gained since marrying William.”

The article goes on to say that Prince Andrew took the issue to Queen Elizabeth, who in turn ordered Prince Charles to “handle it,” since she’s “preparing to pass the torch to her eldest son.” And when he allegedly denied requests to give the princesses “more prominent roles” and “large apartments at Kensington Palace,” it’s said “Beatrice and Eugenie were left fuming.”

What’s more, though, is that the “messy situation” is also called a “nightmare” for Middleton. “She hates conflict,” says the supposed source, who also adds, “This is terrible for Queen Elizabeth [too]. She thought all her royal scandals were behind her, but this battle could go on for years.”

What’s actually going on for years is Life & Style making up stories about the royal family. Here’s what’s true about this one: Middleton has a different role than Beatrice and Eugenie. Here’s what’s not true: Everything else.

Gossip Cop has said it countless times and we’ll say it again: This U.S. tabloid does not have real, reliable, accurate or legitimate royal sources. That’s why, just two and a half weeks ago, the publication printed a cover story deeming Middleton “pregnant and 90 pounds.”

Neither claim was true, but now readers are supposed to believe this new one? Please. And the alleged pregnancy isn’t even mentioned here. Clearly, consistency is as about as much a priority for the outlet as fact-checking. The only royal war here is between Life & Style and the truth.

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