Kate Middleton NOT Resisting Meghan Markle’s “Push” Into Royal Family, Despite Fake News Story

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Kate Middleton Resist Meghan Markle Princess

By Holly Nicol |

Kate Middleton Resist Meghan Markle Princess

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Kate Middleton is not resisting Meghan Markle’s “push” into the royal family, despite a manufactured report. Gossip Cop can bust this claim. We’re told it’s not true.

The allegation comes from Celeb Dirty Laundry, which claims the Duchess of Cambridge is doing “everything in her power” to ensure Markle doesn’t become “the next princess.” Without any reputable sources or evidence, the often disproven site ridiculously asserts, “Markle has everything that Kate Middleton doesn’t have,” adding that the “Suits” actress is “much more attractive,” has an “actual personality,” and “works well with people.”

The webloid goes on to contend, “It’s likely that Great Britain and all of the world will fall in love with Markle’s charm and appeal.” Ultimately, Middleton is “afraid” that Prince Harry’s girlfriend will “steal the spotlight away from her,” concludes the site.

Let Gossip Cop set the record straight on the outlet’s umpteenth report on Middleton and Markle. A source close to the situation exclusively tells us there’s “no truth” to CDL’s fabricated story, as the Duchess of Cambridge is not resisting Markle’s so-called “push” into the royal family as the next “princess.” After Markle was spotted with Prince Harry at a charity polo event in England on Saturday, Gossip Cop expected a slew of made-up articles, and this one tops the list.

Naturally, we’re not remotely surprised by the website’s lack of reporting skills. In April, we corrected the outlet for falsely alleging Middleton was jealous of Markle’s “sexy confidence.” And shortly before that tall tale, we debunked the site for wrongly claiming Middleton was desperate for Markle’s Hollywood connections. Much like those inaccurate and frankly absurd articles, this latest one is equally unfounded.

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