Kate Middleton NOT “Humiliated” By Queen Elizabeth, Despite Latest Bogus Report

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Kate Middleton Fight

By Daniel Gates |

Kate Middleton Fight


Kate Middleton has been “humiliated” by Queen Elizabeth and has decided to “fight back,” claims Life & Style in a new cover story as off-base and ridiculous as its last cover story saying the exact same thing. Gossip Cop can bust this rumor, which seems to return whenever the tabloids have nothing better to “report.”

According to the magazine, “after a series of humiliations at the hands of her grandmother-in-law,” the Duchess of Cambridge “broke decades of protocol” on Christmas. “The Queen had wanted Kate, [Prince] William and [Prince] George to have Christmas lunch with her, as they traditionally do,” explains a Life & Style source. “Kate put her foot down and said she was eating with the Middletons instead. She’s creating her own rules now.”

The tabloid says that Queen Elizabeth’s alleged attempt to keep Kate away from her family over the holiday “was a huge insult — and just one of many.” Life & Style claims the monarch has also made “plenty of snide comments” about Kate’s renovations to the Anmer Hall estate, and allegedly criticized her for “not putting on enough pregnancy pounds.” The outlet explains, “Having the Queen nitpick at every detail is beyond embarrassing for Kate.” Life & Style goes on and on about how Queen Elizabeth supposedly tells Kate how to dress, forces her to bow to William’s cousins, and generally “loves to torture” the Duchess.

That’s why Kate supposedly made her stand on Christmas by having lunch with her family, which Life & Style treats as a declaration of war. “The message she was sending to the queen was loud and clear,” explains the tabloid. “Kate’s done playing her games — forever… Royal insiders say that after the bold move by Kate, life inside the palace will never be the same.”

Anyone who thinks Life & Style has any earthly clue what happens “inside the palace” is royally gullible. Hey, remember when Life & Style broke a major story about the royal family? Oh, wait, that’s never, ever happened, because the magazine seems not to have ANY authentic sources. The tabloid has been pounding this bogus Middleton “tormented” story for months… and it’s STILL NOT TRUE. Gossip Cop busted those versions, and this one is equally false.


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