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Is Kate Middleton really turning Queen Elizabeth against Meghan Markle? A new report claims the queen is souring on her new granddaughter-in-law, thanks to her other granddaughter-in-law. Gossip Cop, however, can debunk the story. There is plenty of evidence that the queen's relationship with Markle is strong and only growing.

OK! contends in its new issue that Markle is "having trouble adjusting to her new role as the Duchess of Sussex, and there's increasing friction" with Middleton, who is described as "the woman she once counted as an ally." Now, alleges a so-called "royal insider" quoted in the story, "Other than Harry, Meghan has no real supporters in the palace." This supposed source claims Middleton "isn't seeing eye-to-eye" with Markle, and has even "told Queen Elizabeth as much."

Notably, though, the magazine never says just what they aren't "seeing eye-to-eye on," nor it is said exactly how Markle is "having trouble adjusting." Instead, the outlet goes on to point out that a portrait of Prince Harry and Markle was seen on display in the queen's Audience Room on May 30, but by June 7, it was replaced with a photo of Harry and his brother, Prince William. To the publication, that's evidence that Middleton and Markle's "long-simmering feud has spilled over to the 92-year-old monarch."

Actually, while it's true there was a change in the royal family pictures on display in Buckingham Palace, it's been reported that "the queen regularly rearranges photographs inside the reception room." In other words, the tabloid shouldn't be reading so deeply into this switch. After that flub, the outlet tries to present more proof of a falling-out between Markle and the queen by alleging that during a "recent palace breakfast," Queen Elizabeth "joined" Kate in "cold-shouldering" the actress.

Of course, it's not said just when this freezing-out supposedly took place. Still, the alleged "insider" maintains about Queen Elizabeth, "She's taking Kate's side in all of this." Again, it's not clear exactly what is "all of this." The publication insists the sisters-in-law are clashing, but never explains how or why. And while the tabloid asserts "Kate has the queen in her corner," so does Markle. The former "Suits" star will join the monarch for a day of official appearances on Thursday, an outing for Markle and the queen that People has reported is happening at "triple speed."

Their day together comes only a few weeks after Markle married into the family, while Queen Elizabeth didn't put in a joint venture with Middleton until nearly a year into her marriage to Prince William. The reputable magazine cited Robert Lacey, a historical consultant for "The Crown," who stressed that this outing with Markle so soon after the nuptials is a "really positive sign of favor, encouragement and endorsement by the queen." E! Online also explored Markle's "unique bond" with Queen Elizabeth last month, while "Entertainment Tonight" examined Markle and Queen Elizabeth's positive relationship back in March.

In contrast, all OK! has to offer is unsubstantiated allegations from single unnamed "insider," a photo change that doesn't mean much, and vague claims about the queen siding with Middleton over Markle when there's plenty of evidence that the new royal family member is being fully embraced. Gossip Cop should also mention that this is all coming from the same tabloid that earlier this year peddled a cover story claiming Middleton and Markle were so close that Middleton was actually planning her wedding to Prince Harry. This is a considerably different narrative now, but no more accurate than that one. Which is to say the magazine is offering readers another bogus article, rather than a thoroughly investigated and verified news story.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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