Kate Middleton’s Private Diaries NOT Exposed, Despite Report

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Kate Middleton Diaries Cover

By Shari Weiss |

Kate Middleton Diaries Cover

(OK Magazine)

A new tabloid cover story about Kate Middleton’s “princess diaries” was wholly made-up. No one has legitimately shared the Duchess of Cambridge’s private writings. Gossip Cop can debunk this report, which also falsely claims she’s “getting ready for twins.”

The new cover of OK! exclaims, “Pregnant Kate’s Princess Diaries! In Her Own Words.” Inside the issue, the gossip magazine maintains it has a “close look at Duchess Kate’s personal journals, revealing the privileges and stresses of life inside the palace.” It’s specifically claimed a “well-placed palace source got the chance to peruse Duchess Kate’s private journals and shared the scoop with OK!.” Of course, any palace staffer who actually did such a thing would be summarily fired.

Still, the outlet quotes its so-called “palace insider” as saying, “Kate’s diary shows that beneath all the pomp and circumstance of life as a royal, she is still just a young woman trying to navigate her duties and do her very best.” It’s laughably claimed Middleton’s writings feature such lines as, “Sometimes I feel a bit like Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady.” Other topics supposedly include musings on Meghan Markle, as well as her own marriage to Prince William. For example, it’s alleged Middleton wrote that she was “less than pleased” with her husband’s nightclub appearance last year.

But while several of the contentions sound plausible, there’s a rather big indication this was all manufactured. The publication insists Middleton is expecting twins, an allegation Gossip Cop has repeatedly and rightly debunked. The tabloid claims the pregnant mom of two wrote in her diary, “I want the nursery to feel warm and welcoming so George and Charlotte will be excited to visit with their siblings. Well, not too excited; babies also need some peace and quiet!”

Middleton would not write about preparing a nursery for twins because she is not carrying two babies. As Kensington Palace announced on the royal Twitter account last October, she and Prince William are “expecting a baby” in April. As in, just one. Now Gossip Cop’s own royal sources again confirm that the twins assertions are still “rubbish.” We’re also assured there has not been any leak regarding any private journals the Duchess may possess.

In addition, there’s also a photo deception right on the cover. As seen above, the magazine touts that it has “first photos inside the nursery” and points to an image. But this picture is not an authentic one and was not taken at the royal residence. This “princess diaries” cover story is 100 percent tabloid trickery throughout. As Middleton herself just said on Tuesday, “Don’t believe everything you read.”

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