Kate Middleton Four Months Pregnant With Twin Girls?

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Kate Middleton Pregnant Twin Girls

By Hugh Scott |

Kate Middleton Pregnant Twin Girls


Kate Middleton is not four months pregnant with twin girls, despite a false tabloid report. The Duchess of Cambridge isn’t expecting two more children with Prince WilliamGossip Cop can debunk the claim otherwise.

According to OK!, Middleton was “sporting a fuller figure” and “glowing” when she stepped out in public in early August. The story is filled with quotes from a supposed “palace insider,” who says the Duchess and Prince William were “thrilled” when they learned “Kate was pregnant again,” and “recently found that she’s having twins – two girls!” We should mention from the start that no real “palace insider” would refer to the Duchess of Cambridge as “Kate.”

The outlet further contends that palace aides are busy “figuring out the logistics of how the Cambridges will easily transition from a family of five to a family of seven.” The “source” goes on to say that Prince William “is urging Kate to take care of herself and relax as much as possible,” adding, “She’s only four months along, but William’s insisting she go on bed rest at seven months.” We should mention again, a palace insider wouldn’t refer to the Prince of Cambridge as simply “William.”

Regardless, Gossip Cop can confirm that the story is made up. People magazine, a much more reliable outlet than OK!, also features Middleton on its cover this week. That story is all about how the Duchess has been ramping up her royal duties, not “relaxing,” as the tabloid claims. Earlier this week, Middleton unveiled her latest garden design in a ceremony where she was photographed wearing a floral dress. It’s clear from the images that she’s not “sporting a fuller figure,” and certainly doesn’t appear to be four months pregnant with twins.

Gossip Cop should also mention that OK! has a terrible track record when it comes to predicting Middleton’s pregnancies. Almost exactly a year ago, the tablioid ran a false cover story declaring Middleton was pregnant with her fourth child. That incorrect report came just five months after her son Louis was born, and time has proven it to be unequivocally false.

Somewhat astonishingly, this latest story isn’t even the first time the outlet has wrongly reported that Middleton was pregnant with twin girls. Gossip Cop busted the magazine in December 2017 for coming up with a nearly identical story. At the very least, Middleton was actually pregnant at the time that article was published, but she was expecting just one child – a boy, Louis – not two girls. As for this latest twins report, a Kensington Palace staffer confirms it’s more nonsense.


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