Kate Middleton NOT Pregnant With Twin Girls, Despite Report (PHOTOS)

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Kate Middleton Twins February 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Kate Middleton Twins February 2016


Kate Middleton is NOT pregnant with twin girls, despite a cover story from a tabloid that keeps falsely impregnating her. Gossip Cop can once again correct the claim. The Duchess Of Cambridge is NOT currently expecting.

For this week’s OK!, the magazine is continuing a made-up saga it started back in October when it erroneously announced Middleton was expecting twins. At the time, though, it was claimed the “palace confirms [she’s having] a boy and a girl.” So how the hell do we get this new “twins” story alleging Middleton is carrying two girls?

Well, the outlet doesn’t care about accuracy, much less consistency. And so we have this new issue, which quotes a “source” as saying, “It’s early days, but the buzz in the royals’ inner circle is that Kate’s pregnant again, and this time she’s got not one but two buns in the oven!” Of course, if Middleton was really pregnant last fall when the gossip rag first claimed she was expecting, it would no longer be the “early days” now in February.

Continuing to contradict itself, it’s later stated Middleton is “already almost 12 weeks along.” Putting aside the screwed-up timeline, the gossip rag fills out the rest of the piece with alleged details about how Middleton broke the news to Prince William, who the celebrity godparents may be, and when the public will find out. And that’s another flip-flop: On the cover, OK! announces, “Palace Confirms,” while in the accompanying story, it’s specifically stated there will be no official confirmation until Middlelton shows off her bump.

But the tabloid isn’t just wrong about the timing of it all and the babies’ genders. Middleton is not even pregnant, and the Palace exclusively assures Gossip Cop it never made any such confirmation. While it’s certainly possible she and Prince William will have another child down the line, that is not happening imminently with twin girls, a boy and a girl, or any baby whatsoever. In fact, the royal couple is gearing up for an official trip to Bhutan and India this spring, something Middleton would most certainly not be doing if she was expecting.

Two other important things to note: First, OK! tellingly makes no mention of its laughably wrong cover story last month about Prince William and Kate Middleton supposedly being named king and queen by Queen Elizabeth. And second, this is hardly the first time the tabloid has been caught lying about Middleton being pregnant with twins. Check out the royal screw-ups in the gallery below.


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Kate Middleton is pregnant with twin girls.


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