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Katee Middleton Pregnant Official Announcement

(Life And Style)

There is no "official announcement" that Kate Middleton is pregnant, despite a new tabloid cover story. There's nothing "official" about it, Gossip Cop can reveal.

The new cover of Life & Style exclaims, "The Official Announcement: Kate's Pregnant!" But there's been no announcement, and there's nothing "official" about the tabloid's claim. Still, the front of the issue further teases, "The nursery, name and who Kate told first."

Inside the edition, a headline blares, "Kate's Announcement: I'm Pregnant Again," and the gossip magazine writes, "The House of Windsor is getting a new member! Kate Middleton officially reveals she's expecting baby No. 3." Nope. Middleton has not "officially" revealed anything.

In fact, in the actual article, the outlet acknowledges one of the only people to know Middleton is supposedly expecting is Prince William. So the teases about an "official announcement" and the Duchess "officially" revealing a pregnancy are pure deception. "Kate has told William that she's pregnant with baby No. 3," a so-called "royal insider" is quoted as saying, adding, "Kate's thrilled and William is dying to tell all of his friends and family."

That's right. "Friends and family" don't yet know about this purported pregnancy, but the publication is trying to dupe readers with lies about an "official announcement." The outlet contends, "For now, the couple have only made the official announcement to a trusted few." No, that's not an "official announcement." And with what "trusted few" would Middleton be sharing such private information if she's yet to tell family? And why would a "royal insider" then tell an American tabloid?

The rest of the story is filled out with speculation about Middleton's supposedly "fuller belly" and "rounder midsection," as well as contentions about how she's allegedly preparing for this third child. "Kate has started working on the nursery," asserts the tabloid's "insider," who further claims, "They like the names Edward or James for a boy, and Isabella or Olivia for a girl." This alleged snitch adds, "William and Kate can't wait to tell Charlotte and George that they're going to have a brother or sister."

The magazine's tipster even claims Middleton is "already thinking ahead to baby No. 4." But going by the publication's count, the couple should have way more than four kids by now. Life & Style has falsely impregnated Middleton so many times, including last October, that we've gathered all the fabricated covers into a photo gallery (see below). And this latest issue is a new installment to add to the collection.

Does Middleton look "fuller" in certain photos? Yes. But right now it's pure speculation. A palace insider assures us there's been no "official announcement" that Middleton is pregnant, so the tabloid appears to be guessing just to sell magazine copies. As we have said many times with this publication, as well as the likes of OK! and Star, if and when Middleton has another child, it will not be a U.S. tabloid known for making up fake pregnancies that breaks the news.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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