Kate Middleton Pregnant With Third Child?

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Kate Middleton Pregnant October 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Kate Middleton Pregnant October 2015

(Life and Style)

Kate Middleton is NOT pregnant with her third child, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop debunk the claim. See video below.

The new issue of Life & Style hit newsstands on Wednesday with a cover line reading, “Kate’s Official Announcement: Baby No. 3!” Of course, there is nothing at all “official” about the magazine’s cover or the accompanying story. And Middleton has not made any such “announcement” privately or publicly.

It’s not surprising, then, that inside the magazine, Life & Style writes, “Pals are expecting an official announcement from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge any day now.” Oh, okay. “They’re expecting baby No. 3,” a so-called “royals insider” exclaims. Right.

Because a “royals insider” would be talking to a U.S. tabloid that’s notorious for getting stories wrong and publishing false reports. In any case, the outlet’s supposed source goes on to say of Middleton’s alleged pregnancy, “It happened far quicker than they expected — they’d just started trying for another child. But William and Kate are so excited!”

“Friends are saying the baby will arrive around June,” continues the Life & Style tipster. “They say Kate is at the very beginning of her pregnancy and won’t show any sign of a bump until next year.” Oh, how convenient. The magazine is no doubt hoping readers will have long forgotten about its pregnancy claim by then.

But Gossip Cop never forgets. We don’t forget the May 2014 Life & Style cover announcing Middleton was pregnant, long before she actually was. We don’t forget the March 2015 cover about “delivery room drama,” even though the princess hadn’t yet given birth. And we don’t forget the endless covers the magazine has run about a supposed Middleton-Queen Elizabeth feud.

While Middleton and Prince William may indeed choose to expand their family again in the future, she is NOT currently expecting. It’s also worth noting that Life & Style’s “Baby No. 3!” story came out just hours after Middleton drank wine at a state dinner. See the video below.


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