Kate Middleton Pregnant Report NOT “Official,” Despite Tabloid Cover Claim

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Kate Middleton Pregnant Official OK

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Kate Middleton Pregnant Official OK


A report claiming Kate Middleton is pregnant again is not “official,” despite a new tabloid cover. Far from being official, the allegation is actually fake news from a gossip magazine that has repeatedly published similar fake news about the Duchess of Cambridge. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the story.

The front of the new edition of OK! falsely announces, “It’s Official! Princess Kate Pregnant! George & Charlotte Getting A Baby Sister.” Inside the issue, the tabloid declares, “Hear ye, hear ye. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have royally exciting news to share: Another baby girl is on the way!”

So, what makes this alleged news “official”? Absolutely nothing. Where are Middleton and Prince William sharing it? Nowhere. In the article, the outlet merely writes that “palace insiders are abuzz” that Middleton is “expecting a baby girl in November.” But “buzz” is not the same as official confirmation from Kensington Palace representatives, nor is “buzz” the same as the couple actually sharing such news. Still, a so-called “insider” claims to the publication, “Kate is about 15 weeks along.”

The tabloid’s supposed source contends Middleton and Prince William “weren’t necessarily trying” to have a third child, but “they weren’t not trying, either.” In fact, though this purported pregnancy is barely far along, the magazine’s alleged tipster claims the couple “haven’t ruled out a fourth.” The story is filled out with Middleton’s supposed cravings, George and Charlotte’s excited reactions, and “plans to ask” Prince Harry and his girlfriend Meghan Markle to be godparents.

“She’ll likely start showing any minute,” the outlet asserts of Middleton, further maintaining she’s “waiting to go public with the news until well after” her sister Pippa weds on May 20. But if the duchess hasn’t gone “public” with this alleged pregnancy, how is it “official”? Simply put, it’s not. Also telling is that the article contains both a contradiction and a logic flaw.

While sister publications RadarOnline and the National Enquirer have maintained Middleton was upset with Prince William’s ski trip earlier this year, the tabloid now quotes another “insider” as saying she actually “encouraged him to go,” wanting her husband to have a “fun weekend away before her pregnancy progressed.” Not only does that claim stand in contrast to the previous contentions, but the magazine also notes that Middleton herself “did the same, hitting the slopes” with her sister that same weekend. But it makes little sense that she’d be skiing if she already knew she was pregnant at that point, as the magazine claims.

And there’s even more reason to doubt the validity of this pregnancy cover story. OK! wrongly alleged three separate times last year that the Duchess was expecting. In February 2016, it was said the palace confirmed Middleton was pregnant with twins girls. That July, it was said Middleton and Pippa were pregnant at the same time. And this past December, it was said the palace confirmed Middleton was pregnant. After all that, readers have no reason to believe she’s actually pregnant now.

And just like the palace never really “confirmed” those past pregnancy reports, there’s nothing “official” about this latest one. When Gossip Cop reached out to Kensington Palace, the spokespeople weren’t even aware of this cover story, and exclusively told us there’s nothing “official” about the article. Bottom line: If Middleton decides to make an announcement about the future of her family, it won’t be coming from OK!.