Kate Middleton is not 96 pounds and pregnant with her fourth baby, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can correct this claim, which is on the cover of one of this week's tabloids and was picked up by other outlets. A Kensington Palace official literally laughed off an American magazine's assertion that it has learned before other members of the royal family that Middleton and Prince William are expecting another child.

According to Star, "Six months following the birth of Prince Louis, Duchess Kate is pregnant again with baby number four, much to hubby Prince William's pleasant surprise." To make it seem more believable, the tabloid alleges it has a palace "insider," who says, "The word is Kate and William started trying again pretty quickly after the baby was born, but they didn't expect this to happen already." But, contends the outlet, "Kate's frighteningly frail figures has palace pals worried."

Specifically, the magazine maintains Middleton has been "looking slimmer than ever since dieting down to a tiny 96 pounds," but there are "concerns for her (and her future baby's) well-being." One of the purported "palace pals" further tells the publication, "The last thing anyone would want is for Kate or her future baby to be undernourished. The hope is that she'll put on a few pounds."

Middleton doesn't want to announce her alleged pregnancy yet because she doesn't want it to overshadow Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's baby news, claims the tabloid. Its "palace mole" notes Middleton "hasn't even told Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth." Pointing out how the reigning monarch has four kids, the magazine's source contends that having another child — after George, Charlotte and Louis — "would be a nice way for Kate to follow in her footsteps."

Allow Gossip Cop to point out a few red flags that should make readers skeptical of the cover story. For starters, a "palace mole" or any other employee would never ever refer to Middleton as "Kate." She is "Catherine" to her good friends and Her Royal Highness or the Duchess of Cambridge to those who work with her.

Also, a British staffer wouldn't say, "The hope is that she'll put on a few pounds." In England, that person would measure her weight using the "stone" system or possibly even kilograms. Lastly, the tabloid is asking its readers to believe that an unnamed and untraceable "palace mole" knows everything about Middleton being 96 pounds and pregnant with her fourth child before the rest of the royal family, and then chose to share that information with an often discredited American tabloid. Not surprisingly, the equally unreliable New Idea picked up the tale without bothering to fact-check it. Still, when Gossip Cop presented this to a Kensington Palace staffer, the person burst out in laughter about the magazine's claims.

It bears mentioning Star has been repeatedly wrong about Middleton and her husband. Just a few weeks ago, Gossip Cop busted the the tabloid when it falsely maintained on its cover that Prince William and Middleton were going to be the next king and queen of England. Of course, Queen Elizabeth herself has voiced her support for Prince Charles as the next monarch, and there are establish rules of succession that Parliament, not Her Majesty, would have to change for Prince William to assume the throne. Much like that factually flawed article, the current one about Middleton being 96 pounds and pregnant with her fourth baby is similarly untrue.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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