Kate Middleton Pregnant With Baby Number Four?

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Kate Middleton Pregnant Baby Four

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Kate Middleton Pregnant Baby Four

(In Touch)

Kate Middleton is pregnant with baby number four, reports one of this week’s tabloids. According to the magazine’s cover story, the palace has confirmed the Duchess of Cambridge is three months along with a little girl. Gossip Cop, however, has been told it’s completely untrue.

In Touch, which has been repeatedly and provably wrong about Middleton, alleges it has exclusively learned the mother of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis is “expecting again.” A so-called “palace insider” is quoted as telling the outlet, “Kate is about three months pregnant,” and further asserts one could see a “bump” while she was out on February 27. The unnamed and possibly made-up source goes on to contend how Prince William was “hesitant” to have another child,” but Middleton “twist his arm.”

The magazine then writes, “They haven’t told their kids or anyone else yet.” Gossip Cop is going to stop right there. The tabloid would like its readers to believe no one else knows that Middleton is pregnant other than Prince William and that frequently discredited outlet? And contrary to its claim on the cover that the “palace confirms” she’s pregnant, when Gossip Cop reached out to Kensington Palace, we were told in no uncertain terms that was entirely false. A palace spokesperson made clear no such announcement or confirmation has come from them.

Since the often debunked tabloid mentioned how Middleton appeared to have a “bump” on February 27, Gossip Cop investigated where and what the duchess did that day. Though the publication didn’t note where she was that day, we quickly found out Middleton was in Northern Ireland then. During their time there a week ago Wednesday, Prince William and a not pregnant-looking Middleton played soccer at the Windsor Park stadium in Belfast with each other and some little kids.

And while the magazine published on its cover a picture that gives the impression Middleton has a baby bump underneath the red Carolina Herrera coat she wore that morning before playing soccer, Gossip Cop found a photo taken then of the Duchess of Cambridge arriving at the stadium with a very flat tummy. Later that evening, Prince William and Middleton went to the Empire Music Hall, where she looked particularly thin in a mint-colored gown. Based on what we were told by Kensington Palace, as well as the images taken of Middleton on February 27, there’s no reason to believe she’s pregnant with baby number four.

Also, let’s not forget In Touch’s track record. Four months ago, Gossip Cop debunked another cover story that falsely maintained Middleton was being named the new queen while Prince William was becoming the next king. Curiously, the same outlet that now says the duchess is three months along had previously claimed in July Middleton and Meghan Markle were both pregnant and due on the same date. It swore up and down back then that the Duchess of Cambridge was expecting a little girl, while the former “Suits” actress was carrying twins.

It should also be pointed out how the magazine’s sister publications have tried this narrative on their covers as well. In June 2018, Life & Style insisted Middleton was “pregnant again” with baby number four. In September, OK! alleged Middleton was pregnant with her fourth baby, and was going to give birth in February 2019. And in October, Gossip Cop busted Star when it tried its hand with a cover that declared Middleton was only 96 pounds and pregnant with her fourth baby. Perhaps one day Middleton and Prince William will have four children, like Queen Elizabeth did, but the news most assuredly won’t be broken by In Touch, nor will Kensington Palace confirm it only to that tabloid.


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