Kate Middleton Pregnant With Baby Girl Report NOT True

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Kate Middleton Pregnant Baby Girl June 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Kate Middleton Pregnant Baby Girl June 2016


Kate Middleton is NOT currently pregnant with a baby girl, despite false tabloid cover story that wrongly tries to trick readers into thinking the Palace has “confirmed” the news. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the report.

The new issue of Star, which came out on Wednesday, announces, “Kate Pregnant: It’s A Girl!” The cover prominently features a blurb blaring, “Palace Confirms.” Not surprisingly, that design and the reference to Princess Diana is almost an exact replica of a recent cover from sister publication OK!, which falsely said in February that Middleton was expecting twin girls (see side-by-side comparison below).

Here with Star, it’s claimed Middleton has just one baby on board, with the magazine declaring, “One year after her last pregnancy, Kate is expecting again — and this time, Prince George and baby Princess Charlotte are getting a little sister!” A so-called “source” alleges the Duchess of Cambridge is “two months along,” and is quoted as saying, “They are beyond thrilled.”

“Kate and William agreed long ago that big families were best. They’ve always wanted at least three kids, and for them to be close in age. This latest addition couldn’t be more welcome,” says the supposed snitch. The alleged tipster goes on to note, “They told the Queen about it first,” and the rest of the royal family is “all very excited for the arrival of George and Charlotte’s little sister.”

But what about the Palace “confirming” the pregnancy? Unsurprisingly, the tabloid backtracks, with a supposed “friend” stating, “They’ll announce the news when they’re ready.” And that is probably the only accurate claim here.

Middleton and Prince William WILL announce a future pregnancy when they’re ready. But there’s no baby girl on the way right now. Gossip Cop is told by one of our impeccable royal insiders that it’s “untrue” Middleton is pregnant.

Furthermore, a spokesperson at Kensington Palace exclusively tells us they “never confirmed” a pregnancy, as wrongly claimed on the Star cover. And, by the way, it’s worth noting the magazine also claimed Middleton was pregnant last September.

Kate Middleton Pregnant Baby Girl June 2016


Kate Middleton Pregnant Star OK


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Kate Middleton is having a baby girl.


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