Kate Middleton is not already "pregnant again" with baby No. 4, despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can bust this false claim. It comes from the same magazine that was wrong about the Duchess having twins.

Throughout Middleton's last pregnancy in 2017 and 2018, Life & Style repeatedly claimed she was expecting identical twin girls. Gossip Cop busted this falsehood each time, and these twins allegations were proven wrong when Middleton gave birth to a baby boy in April. Now this same outlet wants readers to believe it has discovered that she is "pregnant again."

"Another Baby On The Way For Kate," reads the headline inside the issue, where it's alleged, "Less than three months after welcoming son Louis, insiders say Kate Middleton's pregnant again." A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Those close to Kate are saying she's pregnant with baby No. 4!" Note the wording of "those close to Kate are saying." That indicates this "source" has no first-hand knowledge and that the publication itself doesn't have direct confirmation.

Still, it's alleged Middleton is "showing all the signs of pregnancy," such as allegedly avoiding alcohol and suffering from nausea, and that she and Prince William "want to give Charlotte a little sister" so that they have two girls and two boys. The tabloid further claims Middleton has done a "disappearing act," which is among the "signs she's expecting" once more, yet admits later in its story that she's still on maternity leave with Prince Louis.

At no point does the magazine admit it lied over and over about Middleton expecting twins. The outlet has never retracted its bogus claims, offered an apology, or given an explanation for why the Duchess gave birth to only one child, a boy no less, instead of two girls. To say the publication can't be trusted would be a massive understatement. And no reputable media have said anything about Middleton already being pregnant again.

Since Prince Louis' birth, there's been speculation about whether Middleton will even go for baby No 4. As People has reported, some argue that she may want four kids like Queen Elizabeth, while others suggest that three pregnancies may be more than enough considering her battles with severe morning sickness. Last month, on the subject of having a fourth child, Us Weekly reported the plan was for three kids, and that the couple seems "content" now, but "never say never."

Neither magazine has reported "another baby" is already "on the way." And a spokesperson for Kensington Palace tells Gossip Cop that any pregnancy announcement would come from the official "Kensington Royal" Twitter account. As fans themselves can see, there's been multiple postings in recent days about Prince William's trip to Israel, but nothing about his wife being pregnant again. If Middleton opts to have a fourth child, the real news will come from there, not a tabloid that sold lie after lie in the last year about her having twins.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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