Kate Middleton NOT “Pregnant And 90 Pounds,” Despite Report

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Kate Middleton Pregnant 90 Pounds

By Shari Weiss |

Kate Middleton Pregnant 90 Pounds

(Life and Style)

Kate Middleton is NOT “pregnant and 90 pounds,” despite a new tabloid cover story falsely claiming she has a “secret health battle.” Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the report.

For the fifth time this year, Life & Style is wrongly alleging Middleton is pregnant. In this week’s new issue, it’s said, “Despite her shockingly thin appearance, Kate Middleton can’t hide her joy at welcoming a third child with Prince William.” The magazine specifically claims, “The 34-year-old is expecting baby No. 3.”

But while “Kate has told her family about the pregnancy” and the “Middletons are thrilled,” the outlet alleges, “Some close to the expectant royal have expressed concern over her super-slender frame.” A “medical expert” who has never met, let alone treated, the Duchess of Cambridge, claims, “She’s about 90 pounds.”

And a so-called “source” for the publication alleges Prince William “has called in top medical experts,” because “he feels like Kate is all skin and bones and has no energy.” The supposed snitch goes on, “With George and Charlotte, she’d vomit up to 20 times a day, and this pregnancy is no different. At the moment, she’s barely eating anything because just the thought of food makes her nauseous.”

The story describes Middleton as “looking stressed and tired during her Canadian trip,” and claims she showed a “startlingly thin frame” while on a solo royal trip to the Netherlands earlier this month. Never once, however, is it explained why she still traveled if she’s pregnant and there’s such concern about her health.

The tabloid repeatedly stresses that Middleton “has been advised to make her health her top priority,” with even her mom supposedly “moving in.” And yet there’s no actual evidence that either claim is true. Also, while the magazine previously said Middleton was pregnant with her third child almost exactly a year ago and, most recently, this past July, what makes this instance worse is that the outlet is seemingly also lying about very serious medical allegations.

Middleton is not pregnant. She wasn’t last year, and she wasn’t in July. She also isn’t in a “secret health battle.” If and when there is actual pregnancy news, the Palace exclusively tells Gossip Cop they will be the first to announce it to the world, not an American tabloid. See the previous untrue Life & Style covers from the last year below.


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