On the heels of Kensington Palace announcing Kate Middleton is pregnant with her and Prince William's third child, HollywoodLife has decided to exploit the big news by publishing a number of so-called "exclusives" about the topic. Of course, the webloid has no real insight into the royal family and these articles are entirely made-up.

The untrustworthy site first purports to know Prince Harry's "exclusive" reaction to becoming an uncle for the third time. "Harry is probably the happiest of all the royals that William and Kate are expecting again," a so-called "palace insider" tells the site. "He's pretty much as overjoyed as the new parents-to-be themselves!" The outlet further asserts that Prince Harry is "overjoyed that he will soon have another niece or nephew to spoil."

Next, the webloid offers Middleton and Prince William's "exclusive" reaction to expecting a third baby. The site quotes an alleged source as saying, "William and Kate are beyond thrilled... [they] don't know if it's going to be a boy or a girl, and they have no preference, they're just hoping for a healthy and happy baby." The outlet goes on to contend that 4-year-old Prince George is "excited" about having another sibling, while 2-year-old Princess Charlotte is "too young to really understand what's going on."

And finally, HollywoodLies pretends to know whether or not the Duke and Duchess will name their third baby after the late Princess Diana. The blog provides such "insider" knowledge as "William and Kate have decided to wait until the baby is born before deciding on a name" and "they are favoring very traditional names." Of course, no one announces the name of an unborn child, and it's not a stretch to say that the royal family chooses "traditional names."

There's nothing remotely "exclusive" about any of the details in HollywoodLife's various stories, despite the webloid trying to pass off common knowledge as some sort of scoop. All of the outlet's made-up stories are imprecise and could apply to just about anyone expecting a child. Naturally, the parents want a healthy baby and the uncle is happy for them. Also, anyone can tell you that a 2-year-old is "too young" to understand the concept of pregnancy. The website simply makes obvious statements and then calls them "exclusive." Gossip Cop, however, is assuredm that no one close to the royal family has spoken to HollywoodLife.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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