Kate Middleton “Furious” Over People Magazine Story?

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Kate Middleton Carole People Magazine

By Shari Weiss |

Kate Middleton Carole People Magazine

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Is Kate Middleton “furious” over a People story? A new report claims the Duchess of Cambridge is mad the magazine published a feature on her mom, Carole Middleton. Gossip Cop looked into the claims.

Celeb Dirty Laundry, an outlet with notoriously bad royal sources, is claiming Middleton is upset her mother supposedly tried to get publicity for herself. “Kate Middleton Furious: Carole Middleton’s Shameless Self-Promotion Irritates Queen Elizabeth,” reads the headline from CDL, which writes, “Once again Carole Middleton is using her Royal connections and Kate Middleton is furious over it. This time Kate Middleton’s mom used her proximity to the future Queen of England to sneak in a gushing, glowing two-part article in People about what a wonderful mother and grandmother she is and how much Queen Elizabeth really does like the Middleton family.”

“As if! Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton are both ashamed of the commoner Middleton clan and their avaricious fame-whoring ways,” claims the site. Noting that part of the People feature is about “the Middleton family’s work ethic,” the webloid argues, “If the Duchess of Cambridge has proven anything it’s that she’s allergic to actual work. If work ethic can be described as putting in a serious effort to manipulate Kate’s way into a Royal marriage, yes, Carole did a great job.”

The online publication goes on to ask, “Does anyone think any of this information is even remotely correct? Carole Middleton is happy being just an ordinary granny who just happens to be the mother of the future Queen?” Finally, CDL says, “Carole Middleton should follow Camilla Parker-Bowles example. Better to be seen and not heard and fly under the radar. This shameless, self-promoting article isn’t the way to worm your way into Queen Elizabeth’s inner circle and could put Carole’s relationship with Kate Middleton in jeopardy.”

All of this, however, is horrendously inaccurate, not to mention mean-spirited. Carole Middleton didn’t “use her royal connections” to “sneak in” a “self-promoting” feature in People. The magazine simply decided to profile Kate’s mom. The Middleton matriarch herself isn’t even quoted in the story. The Duchess has no reason to be “furious,” particularly since the feature reflects highly on both the Middletons and the royal family.

The best/worst part of this is probably Celeb Dirty Laundry asking, “Does anyone think any of this information is even remotely correct?” The webloid should probably turn that question on itself. This is, after all, the same site that earlier this month claimed Kate Middleton was “desperate” for Meghan Markle’s Hollywood connections. It’s also the same outlet that recently accused Middleton of getting a boob job. Does anyone think any of this information is even remotely correct? We rest our case.

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