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Kate Middleton is not pregnant with her fourth baby, despite a made-up tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can debunk the false claim. We've learned the Duchess and Prince William aren't expecting another child at the moment.

According to OK!, however, Middleton is pregnant again just five months after giving birth to son Louis in April. A supposed source tells the magazine, "Kate's always said she wanted four children, and now it looks like she's getting her wish. William and Kate are very surprised, but also very happy. They feel like their family is complete."

The so-called "royal insider" adds, "Word is, Kate already has the beginnings of a bump. It's very cute! She's glowing and radiantly beautiful." The questionable source further contends that Middleton "wasn't intending to get pregnant so soon after giving birth," but she and Prince William are "both so excited" it's happening again.

The Duchess suffered from extreme morning sickness during all three of her pregnancies, but the "insider" says she's "well prepared this time around" to deal with the symptoms. "Both Kate and William are taking doctors' warnings seriously to ensure a healthy pregnancy," adds the alleged source. "She's been feeling tired, but has been keeping the nausea under control by avoiding certain foods and smells like coffee and perfume - and keeping packs of saltines close at hand, just in case."

The supposed tipster goes on to say that the Duke and Duchess have shared the news with their immediate families, but "will wait as long as possible before making an official announcement." That's very convenient for the tabloid, as now it doesn't have to explain why no other outlet in the world is reporting that Middleton is pregnant. Still, the alleged source concludes, "Kate's hoping for another girl. She's telling people 'I want Charlotte to have a sister!' William, however, would love another boy. They're over the moon."

It's highly unlikely that OK! would learn of Middleton becoming pregnant before Kensington Palace made an announcement. The magazine says the Duke and Duchess have only told "their immediate families" about the baby, so are we to believe that one of their closest family members leaked the news to a random American tabloid?

Regardless, Gossip Cop ran the outlet's premise by a Kensington Palace staffer, who laughed it off. Additionally, the photo used on the magazine's cover to announce Middleton's "pregnancy" was taken during a visit to Berlin back in July 2017. If Middleton truly had a baby bump, the tabloid wouldn't use a picture from more than a year ago to illustrate its article.

Additionally, Gossip Cop often calls out OK! for making up stories related to the Duchess being pregnant. Back in December 2017, the tabloid falsely claimed that Middleton was expecting twin girls. Of course, she went on to give birth to a baby boy. It's certainly possible the Duchess will have a fourth child at some point in the future, but she's not currently pregnant and the tabloid's claim otherwise is fabricated.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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