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Kate Middleton is not planning Meghan Markle's wedding, nor did she pick out the bride's dress. These are untrue claims from a made-up tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can bust the report.

OK! is trying to deceive readers with a cover that announces, "Your First Look! Kate Picks Meghan's Wedding Dress!" Markle is pictured on the cover standing in front of a mirror wearing a bridal gown (see above). But this is not an actual snapshot of Prince Harry's fiancee in her real wedding dress. Rather, it's an old photo of Markle when she wore a wedding dress in character for the TV show "Suits." Nowhere does the tabloid appear to acknowledge this. Instead, the gossip magazine seems intent on duping consumers with a "first look" that is anything but.

The article itself is also an example of tabloid trickery, as it is filled with a mix of well-known information, guesses and fictional assertions about the upcoming wedding. The main premise is that Markle has been "leaning on" Middleton to "help her plan her dream affair." A so-called "palace insider" is quoted as saying, "Knowing how overwhelming a royal wedding can be, [Middleton] decided to jump in headfirst to help." That allegedly means giving "input wherever needed, from what to serve at dinner to the all-important white dress."

In regards to the food, the outlet's supposed source contends, "Kate and Meghan have met with the royal chef to discuss the menu and decided on several dishes." As for the dress, the publication alleges the Duchess of Cambridge is using her "connections to ensure Meghan will have the gown of her dreams." It's specifically claimed Middleton introduced her soon-to-be sister-in-law to Sarah Burton, who designed Middleton's own wedding dress on behalf of Alexander McQueen. "Meghan fell in love with the McQueen sketches and word is she's eyeing an ivory satin and lace design with a long train that Kate loves, too," asserts the alleged tipster.

But OK!, which falsely claimed the actress was pregnant last fall, has been purporting to know Markle's wedding details for nearly a year now, even before she and Prince Harry became engaged. At no point has the tabloid had a genuine scoop. It's not exactly revelatory to claim Markle is meeting with the royal chef to plan a menu for the big day. And speculation that Markle would pick an Alexander McQueen dress went into overdrive last month, after she stepped out wearing the brand.

What is a bit far-fetched, though, are the main claims about Middleton planning the wedding and picking the dress. There are actual royal party planners who work for the monarchy. It is their job to spearhead the arrangements for major events like these. While it's not unreasonable to think Middleton is offering an opinion here or there, she has her own responsibilities to focus on, on top of raising two children while being in the final trimester of carrying her third.

Furthermore, no real "palace insider" would be leaking details about the wedding to the gossip media, particularly a U.S. tabloid. To date, all legitimate information about the nuptials has been released through official channels. For instance, when it was revealed on Friday that members of the public will get to be guests Markle and Prince Harry's wedding, the news broke through a formal press release shared by Kensington Palace. The announcement was also spread via the palace's verified Twitter account.

In other words, the royal family is not using a gossip magazine to disseminate any wedding plans. And the notion that this outlet would be the one to score authentic details is laughable, given its track record. The bottom line is that the publication wants to sell copies, which is why it designed a deceptive cover with misleading claims. Don't fall for it.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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