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Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are not in a "secret feud," contrary to a new tabloid cover story. This report comes from the same magazine that recently claimed both duchesses are pregnant. Tellingly, the purported pregnancies aren't even mentioned in this new article, which Gossip Cop can bust.

According to In Touch, Middleton and Markle are "princesses at war" as their "secret feud explodes." The report alleges the former "Suits" star is concerned about her sister-in-law returning to the spotlight after her maternity leave with Prince Louis. "Like many actresses, Meghan is determined to take center stage and fears that Kate will outshine her," a so-called "palace insider" is quoted as saying. In turn, it's claimed Middleton feels "stabbed in the back."

"Kate was being called the next 'people's princess' until Meghan came along. She's fuming that Meghan has stolen her thunder. Tears have been shed," contends the outlet's unidentifiable source. But the publication asserts Markle knows Middleton has "the upper hand," since Prince William will inherit the throne. "Meghan can't help but be jealous. She's lying if she says she isn't," accuses the supposed snitch. Queen Elizabeth is said to be caught in the middle, with both granddaughters-in-law trying to curry favor with the monarch.

It's further alleged that with this "mounting tension," the "once-tight foursome" of Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry and Markle has "disbanded," with the men also caught in the middle. "The boys are discussing whether to stage an intervention in order to get Meghan and Kate to make up," the purported tipster maintains to the tabloid, which adds that the queen has "even held crisis talks with her grandsons" over the situation. Curiously, it's not said when exactly this "emergency meeting" took place.

But what's most strange is that the magazine says nothing about Middleton and Markle being "both pregnant" and "due the same day," which is what it claimed in a cover story published in July. In fact, it was even asserted in that article that they were supporting each other as they supposedly went through the pregnancy experience together. A similarly anonymous "insider" was quoted as saying, "Kate and Meghan bonded over the men they married. Now they're bonding over being pregnant together."

When it comes to pitting the women against each other, People reported just last month that Markle has a "great relationship" with Middleton, who is among her "closest friends." That friendship was on display when Markle and Middleton attended Wimbledon together in July. Even back in March it was reported that Markle and Middleton's bond was only growing. The notion that there's now a rift between the two royals received a laugh from Kensington Palace when Gossip Cop inquired about the merits of these allegations.

We must point out more thing: While this In Touch cover story is all about Markle and Middleton being at odds, this same week its sister publication, Life & Style, has story in its issue that is all about how Markle has been leaning on Middleton amidst drama with her family. It is always striking when tabloids that share not only a publisher but also a staff peddle such opposite tales at the same time. It only further underscores the gossip magazines' lack of credibility.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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