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A claim that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle "still don't get along" is not true. Gossip Cop can debunk the allegation. There is much reporting proving this contention is false.

RadarOnline announces in a headline on Tuesday, "Palace Forces Meghan & Kate To Be Best Friends — But They Still Don't Get Along!" The article begins by alleging that the sisters-in-law "don't exactly get along despite their attempts at very public displays of friendship." A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "The palace was hoping that Kate and Meghan would become best friends but so far that hasn't happened."

"Kate is not especially warm and doesn't like being around people she doesn't know," contends this untraceable source. Of course, the two duchesses have known each other for quite a while now, with Middleton meeting Markle well before her engagement to Prince Harry last year. In fact, both Prince Harry and Markle said in an interview after they became engaged that Middleton had been "wonderful" and "amazing" when it came to welcoming her into the family.

Still, the site tries to make the argument that the women can't get along because they have "exact opposite sensibilities," with Middleton supposedly seeing herself as "above regular people," while Markle "loves doing royal walkabouts and meeting the public." As for their recent outing to Wimbledon, which marked their first publication appearance together without their spouses or other members of the royal family, the alleged tipster asserts that the palace wants "the public to see Meghan and Kate as friends, and they hope that one day it will become true."

But though the blog illustrates its story with a picture in which neither is smiling, the purported snitch actually admits, "The afternoon [went] great — they both got along." That seems to undermine the whole premise of this narrative, which is about how they supposedly don't get along. But then the questionable "insider" concludes by maintaining that Middleton "doesn't trust people outside her family," and that "it will be almost impossible for Meghan to break into this circle." In other words, this article is very wishy-washy.

It should also be noted that, opposed to the unflattering picture featured by the website, other outlets have put together full photo galleries showing Markle and Middleton looking delighted with each other at Wimbledon. Even back in February, Markle celebrated her bond with Middleton as "togetherness at its finest." In March, People did a whole cover story on Middleton and Markle's "growing friendship," noting that they "quickly bonded."

More recently, only days ago "Entertainment Tonight" reported that Markle and Middleton have become "closer than ever." All of this is more trustworthy than what an unidentifiable "insider" tells an online publication that was previously caught lying about Markle not inviting Middleton's sister Pippa to her wedding. This is also the same site that just last month insisted Markle "regretted" marrying Prince Harry and was unhappy with her new royal life. That stands in contrast to this latest piece, in which it's specifically said how much she enjoys using her position the way Princess Diana did.

Conclusion: RadarOnline is often inconsistent from story to story and even within stories, as this report demonstrates, on top of being inaccurate. When it comes to Middleton and Markle getting along, their own actions and comments, as detailed above, speak volumes. And while there's no reputable outlets corroborating the blog's "frenemies" storyline, multiple publications have reported about the pair getting along and growing close. With all this in mind, Gossip Cop is rating this article "fiction."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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