Kate Middleton, Prince William “Marriage Problems” Story Is Made Up

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Prince William Kate Middleton Marriage Problems

By Holly Nicol |

Prince William Kate Middleton Marriage Problems

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Kate Middleton and Prince William aren’t having “marriage problems,” despite a new report that wrongly claims the Duchess of Cambridge looked “miserable” during a royal banquet at Buckingham Palace earlier this month. Gossip Cop can set the record straight. We’re told it’s “not true.”

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, which has published a slew of inaccurate articles about the royals, Middleton “couldn’t hide the fact that she was upset over something” during a state banquet for the Spanish royal family on July 12. Without a single source to back up its claim, the often disproven site contends, “Kate sat at the banquet with her mouth closed and her facial expression rather distant. At one point, she even sucked on her lips which can be a sign of unhappiness.”

The outlet goes on to allege that Prince William, who supposedly never shows any “love or attention for Kate,” “ignored his wife throughout the night.” “He didn’t pose for any photos with her, and he certainly didn’t sit with her during dinner,” maintains the blog. What’s more, the site further asserts that Middleton looked “glum and moody” because she wasn’t at the “center of attention” during the banquet.

The entirety of CDL’s story, however, is based on one single photo of Middleton. In the shot, the Duchess isn’t smiling, but it could have lasted for a mere second while the picture was being taken. Regardless, Gossip Cop investigated, and an actual source close to the situation assures us the report is 100 percent “not true.” We’re also told that Prince William and Middleton had a fantastic time at the banquet, and any reports about the pair having “marriage problems” are simply made-up.

As Gossip Cop has noted before, CDL is not a credible source for information about the royals. For example, we recently busted the webloid for falsely alleging Middleton flirted with tennis player Dominic Thiem at Wimbledon. And shortly before that absurdly inaccurate story, we corrected the site for wrongly claiming Middleton wished Prince William was more like Prince Harry. Neither article was true, and the same goes for this latest fabrication.

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