Kate Middleton “Makeover” Of Prince William Claim NOT True

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Kate Middleton Makeover Prince William

By Shari Weiss |

Kate Middleton Makeover Prince William

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Kate Middleton is not forcing Prince William to get a makeover, despite reports. Gossip Cop can debunk the claim and reveal what’s actually going on.

“Kate Middleton Demands Prince William Makeover, Wants To Get Rid Of His ‘Stiff’ Look?” asks Celeb Dirty Laundry, which writes, “It looks as though Kate Middleton wants her husband Prince William to be just as fashionable as she is. In fact, there’s a new rumor that says the Duchess of Cambridge is demanding that her husband get a makeover, as she wants him to get rid of his ‘stiff’ and rather outdated royal look.”

The site claims Middleton is “telling close friends that her husband Prince William, who will no doubt be the future King of England looks more like a real estate agent than a member of the royal family. And considering how much praise the Duchess gets for her spot-on style — with the dresses that she wears in public selling out in mere minutes — there’s no doubt that she wants Prince William to ditch his dudly style for something a little more modern, if not cutting-edge.”

It’s laughable that CDL, of all places, wants readers to believe it knows what Middleton is or isn’t telling friends about her husband’s looks. That’s why part of this article is based on a Daily Mail story, which alleged Middleton’s stylist was helping to update Prince William’s wardrobe. Of course, buying some new clothes hardly counts as undergoing some kind of transformation.

In fact, CDL even backs away from its allegation by adding, “Sources also say that Prince William’s ultimate makeover was done ‘tactfully,’ as the royal family doesn’t want to shock the public by making him look unrecognizable or too different for that matter.” So, again, Prince William simply has a few new shirts and pants.

The notion that he had to be forced into that is pretty ridiculous. It’s also really quite silly to paint this as some Middleton-mandated makeover. But it’s also ridiculous and silly for Celeb Dirty Laundry to pretend it knows what it’s talking about.

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Kate Middleton is forcing Prince William to get a makeover.

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