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Are Kate Middleton and her three kids living with her mom after Prince William admitted to "making a mistake" with Rose Hanbury? That's the bombshell claim on the cover of one of this week's celebrity magazines. Gossip Cop, however, can debunk this inaccurate report.

Inside the pages of Star, the tabloid declares in a headline, "Kate Moves Out!" It even maintains Prince William's "shocking confession" about allegedly cheating on Middleton drove "Kate out of the palace." To make its article sound legitimate, the publication contends it has an "insider" who fed the outlet details of a supposed conversation between the two royals.

According to the conveniently (placed) unnamed source, Prince William told the Duchess of Cambridge, "He's been a bit unhappy in the marriage lately." The prince supposedly added in the private discussion with Middleton, to which the publication was miraculously privy, that he felt they were "losing their spark." The magazine notes it particularly stung because Middleton is "still dealing with the emotional fallout" from Prince William's purported affair with Hanbury.

Following Prince William's "hurtful revelation," writes the outlet, Middleton "sprang into action" and took their three kids (Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis) to her parents' home. "She went to her mom's house... so she and William could have space to breathe." The tabloid's tipster alleges the future queen is now having trouble eating and sleeping.

"She just lies in bed worrying about the future," alleges the so-called "insider," who explains, "Their marriage hasn't been the same since the affair story broke." The purported source asserts, "Kate's terrified she'll end up miserable and depressed, just like [Princess] Diana," who divorced Prince William's father, Prince Charles, after he cheated on her. Still, the tabloid writes, "Kate's hoping the move to her parents' will help reignite the spark." "Kate hopes that being apart from William will make him realize what he's missing," concludes the insider.

It bears mentioning that while several outlets regurgitated the alleged affair claims, no legitimate media organizations have said anything about Middleton fleeing to her parents' home. Also, lawyers for the royal family have categorically denied Prince William was unfaithful, calling reports about it "false speculation." Additionally, if there were truly strife between the spouses, and Middleton was staying with her folks, she and Prince William would not have attended a couple of royal events together this past week.

Just five days ago, for example, Middleton was all smiles with Prince William as she showed Queen Elizabeth the garden she designed for the Royal Horticultural Society Garden. Middleton was also laughing and by Prince William's side at a Garden Party the queen hosted at Buckingham Palace the very next day. It's clear, the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband are not spending time "apart" or that either of them looks "unhappy" in their marriage.

Gossip Cop is not surprised by the falsity of the publication's cover story, based on its track record over just the past few months. For instance, we busted the magazine when it wrongly insisted in September that Prince William and Kate Middleton were being crowned the next king and queen by Her Majesty. A month after that phony report, the outlet splashed on its cover that Middleton was 96 pounds and pregnant with her fourth baby.

A couple of months after that bogus tale, the publication tried once more with a cover story that Gossip Cop corrected about Middleton being pregnant with another baby girl. Unfortunately, the magazine births a lot of inaccurate articles. But the truth, which the tabloid seems to have little regard for, is that Middleton and her kids have not moved out and living separate from Prince William following the cheating rumors.

Star's sister magazine made the same claim a month ago. It wasn't right then, and it's no more true now. As Gossip Cop has said before, the only ones truly getting cheated on are the readers of that tabloid.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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