Kate Middleton NOT “Humiliated” By Pippa At Wimbledon, Despite Report

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Kate Middleton Humiliated Pippa Wimbledon Outfit

By Holly Nicol |

Kate Middleton Humiliated Pippa Wimbledon Outfit

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Kate Middleton was not “humiliated” by Pippa Middleton at Wimbledon, despite a new webloid report. Gossip Cop can debunk this nonsensical claim.

According to the often disproven Celeb Dirty Laundry, which routinely publishes inaccurate reports about the royals, Kate was “not impressed” with Pippa’s so-called “desperate plea for attention” at the British tennis tournament on Monday. The webloid maintains Pippa wore a “bizarre,” “inappropriate” and “out-of-place” dress while she attended the sporting event, leaving Kate “ashamed” of her younger sister. Of course, as far as the bad blog is concerned, Pippa wore the outfit because she knew that she would get “plenty of media attention.”

The outlet goes on, clearly demonstrating its ignorance towards the royal family, claiming that Kate will not “allow” Pippa to “steal her thunder” at Wimbledon. The new bride, however, “loves it when all of the cameras are pointing in her direction” and “doesn’t want anyone to forget about her existence,” heating up their supposed “sibling rivalry.”

But Gossip Cop, as always, fact-checked the outlet’s claim, and it came as no surprise that the site has fabricated yet another bogus and inaccurate article. A reliable source close to the situation assures us the entirety of CDL’s latest report is “rubbish” and “untrue.” Quite simply, Kate was not humiliated by Pippa at Wimbledon, nor did Pippa wear a “revealing” outfit to get attention. The made-up story was purely created in the name of online traffic.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first Wimbledon-inspired tale Gossip Cop has had to debunk. Just days ago, we corrected the bogus site for falsely alleging Kate Middleton was flirting with Austrian tennis player Dominic Thiem at the sporting event earlier this month, causing Prince William to become “annoyed” with the Duchess of Cambridge. Much like that fake news story, this latest claim is equally phony.

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