Kate Middleton is not pregnant with twins nor is she due in May. A tabloid story from December was wrong. Gossip Cop held off on commenting until we had enough information to be confident in our dismissal of the rumor.

Pregnancy stories in the gossip media are always a little dicey for Gossip Cop. The truth is, the tabloids run these types of reports so often, the law of averages says that the unreliable outlets will be correct occasionally, even if all the reports are completely made-up. One article like this appeared in the National Enquirer in December, asserting that Middleton was pregnant with the "first royal twins in 590 years." Like most of these types of reports, this one was a complete fabrication.

The phony story quotes a supposed "palace courtier" as saying, "They had pretty much decided they were done in the baby-making department," regarding the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but this so-called courtier adds, "the fertility gods obviously had other ideas!" The queen, this unreliable source contends, is ecstatic. Twins are "just what she needed," the tipster claims, in the wake of the Prince Andrew scandal involving Jeffrey Epstein. The tabloid also decided to allege that the queen is "dying," which isn't the case.

"William and Kate's babies are giving the queen renewed resolve to not give in — or give up!" the almost certainly made-up source asserts. The source adds that Princess Charlotte is especially excited, claiming, "She has a special bond with her 6-year-old brother, George, and is close to 19-month-old Louis, but she's been desperately begging for a sister." This tipster concludes by adding "since twins often arrive early, she could get her wish on her birthday, May 2nd!"

Obviously, the report was completely false. If Kate Middleton were actually pregnant with twins and due in a month and a half, it's safe to assume she would be showing quite the belly at this point. As recent photos show, including from the Commonwealth Day celebration earlier this month, the duchess is as svelte as ever. In fact, there are no photos from the last few months that would even suggest she is pregnant with one child, much less with twins. The story was obviously invented by the tabloid to sell papers.

Since Kate Middleton and Prince William's youngest, Prince Louis, was born in April 2018, Gossip Cop has debunked no less than 10 articles by various tabloids alleging the duchess is pregnant. Going back to just two months after Prince Louis was born when we busted a bogus piece in the Enquirer's sister publication, Life & Style, when it reported Middleton was already pregnant with a fourth.

Gossip Cop has debunked multiple stories about Kate Middleton being pregnant with twins multiple times as well, including an item from October of last year from another of the Enquirer's sister publications, the Globe. That story falsely claimed Middleton was pregnant with twins and Prince William was fearing for her life. All of these stories are likely completely made-up out of thin air. If and when the Duchess of Cambridge gets pregnant again, Gossip Cop will be sure to report the good news - until then, don't believe the tabloids.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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