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Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are not secretly having "girls' nights out" in London, despite a made-up tabloid cover story. Even the picture being used to sell this fabrication is photoshopped. Gossip Cop can bust it.

The new cover of Life & Style features what, at first glance, appears to be a photo of Middleton and Markle posing closely together during a purported "girls' night out." In actuality, it is two separate images edited together to give the false impression that the tabloid obtained a picture from their supposed hang-out. But the Middleton portion of this digital manipulation is actually from her attendance at a reception for the 2012 Olympic games. With that visual deception right on the cover, it's no surprise that the actual story itself was also fudged.

In fact, the outlet tries pulling the same photo trick inside the issue, with another photoshopped image of Middleton and Markle looking as if they were photographed together when it's really two individual snapshots. Alongside the misleading art, the publication alleges Markle and Middleton "have been enjoying under-the-radar nights out in London, where they can gossip about royal life and share secrets." To be clear, readers are supposed to believe Middleton and Markle have been going out in public together, but no one has managed to snap an authentic picture.

The tabloid maintains the pair are "regulars at members-only Soho House," which is a popular establishment for celebrities to wine and dine. Still, no local media, who track the royal family's every move, has reported about any such outings. In contrast, when Markle and Prince Harry went to Soho House for a date back in February, it was widely covered and there were tons of photos of the outing. But somehow photographers missed the multiple times Markle has gone out with Middleton? It becomes laughable when a so-called "insider" is actually quoted as saying, "They've become super close and love their girls' nights out."

It is true Middleton is growing closer with her future sister-in-law, but all of these specifics about "their girls-only nights on the town" are manufactured. For example, it's alleged the duo can "sneak away from the palace," but considering they have royal protection officers by their side every time they leave the grounds, there really isn't any "sneaking away." The magazine also seems to think rattling off some of the dishes served at Soho House lends credence to its story, and expects people to believe that an "insider" would actually leak that Markle "got a little tipsy on champagne" during one of the supposed outings.

It actually becomes a bit ironic when one supposed source claims to the outlet that Middleton told Markle to have her bachelorette party "at Soho House because the queen won't find out what happens behind closed doors." Yet this article is all about what has purportedly happened "behind closed doors" at the establishment when the women have supposedly visited. It's quite obvious that not a lot of logic went into this concocted tale.

And remember, this is the same publication that earlier this year insisted Markle and Prince Harry would get married in a Christmas wedding in the Caribbean. That never happened, just like Gossip Cop said it wouldn't, and these "girls' nights out" haven't happened either. Life & Style is trying to dupe readers, but once again, it's been caught red-handed.


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