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According to a new report, Prince William is growing increasingly concerned about Kate Middleton's weight and health after she appeared to be thinner during her most recent public appearance. Here's what the story says and what Gossip Cop found in our investigation of the rumor.

Prince William Is Worried, Kate Middleton Is Working

"William's Fears For Skinny Kate" reads the headline of Life & Style's most recent story. The couple recently made their first post-pandemic in-person appearance together during a visit to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and according to the magazine, it sparked a wave of concern for Middleton as she seemed thinner than ever. "She's more stressed than ever," an anonymous source told the outlet. The insider revealed that between covering royal engagements for Queen Elizabeth and taking care of her three kids, Middleton is struggling.

"She doesn't have a minute to herself and is finding it hard to cope," the insider continues. "Now her weight has plummeted as a result, and those close to her, including William, are concerned." Although the Duchess of Cambridge may look put together to outsiders, she supposedly isn't holding together all too well. "When Kate's feeling overwhelmed, she can't sleep and forgets to eat," the unnamed individual claims. "She'll put on a brave front when she's out in public, but behind closed doors, she's been terribly irritated and snappy."

This snappiness apparently didn't escape her husband. "William has secretly consulted with the queen about toning down Kate's schedule," the royal tipster says. Since Queen Elizabeth has been taking extra precautions to remain safe from coronavirus, she's apparently become more involved with Middleton. Additionally, he's formed a plan to help his beleaguered wife. "He's a hands-on dad anyway but is insisting on taking more responsibilities to free up some time for Kate to look after herself," the surprisingly informed source adds. "Kate's a perfectionist and there are times when she refuses to admit that she's taking too much on. That's why William's organized a romantic vacation so they can spend quality time together without the children," the insider continues.

According to the sources, Prince William is planning on leaving their children with Middleton's mother before taking her away to...somewhere. Where, however, is not revealed. "He appreciates all of her efforts and hard work, and William wants Kate to feel better, like her old self, again."

What's Really Going On With Kate Middleton's Weight

There are several issues with the allegations from this story. Let's start with the cause of all this: Middleton's recent appearance. The entire article is focused on how apparent and obvious it is that Middleton's health could be in crisis. After all, according to the story, "many noticed" her look "after weeks upon weeks away from the spotlight," which is both flat-out wrong and contradicted by the article's claims about how busy she's been. Still, let's take a look at the photo the tabloid used that was captioned with a new source as saying, "You can tell that the pressure she's under is wearing her down."

Kate Middleton smiles in a blue patterned dress with blue flats outside
(Getty Images)

In addition to that picture, we went through all of the press photos from the event. We couldn't find a single one that revealed anything close to the outlet's claims about her weight and appearance. She's a 38-year-old mother of three and likely the future Queen of England, a position of unimaginable responsibility and scrutiny, and she still looks great. The fact that the tabloid felt comfortable publishing these claims next to this photo is incredible. The only thing that could be worrying about these photos is if someone claims that they're "obvious" proof she's near collapse — there's either a brain or eye problem at work if that's the only takeaway someone has.

It's also worth pointing out that this isn't her first appearance since quarantine. It's the first time she and her husband have been photographed together since May, sure, but as the tabloid said, Middleton's been at events throughout June and July — how is her appearance coming as a shock? There are photos of her from her June 25 and 18 appearances, as well as her joint appearance with William in a video from May. Aside from her outfit changes, it's impossible to date any of the past few months of photos of her.

Prince William Isn't Worried Because There's No Problem

If Life & Style's sources are so obviously wrong on Kate Middleton's appearance, how can they be trusted on anything? Why would anyone believe that the same person who thought that this was Middleton's first appearance in ages also know what was said in a "secret" meeting between Queen Elizabeth and Prince William? Heck, if someone is close enough to the royal family to find out about meetings even Kate Middleton didn't know about, why wouldn't they know where Prince William was taking his wife for their vacation? These questions aren't the only other issue here.

Let's quickly address the claims about Kate Middleton's supposedly hectic life. While Queen Elizabeth has in fact been safely isolating in the midst of the pandemic, she hasn't shirked all of her responsibilities and tasks and dumped them on to Middleton. She very literally just performed a knighting.

For that matter, it's absolutely mind-blowing for a supposed royal source to imply that Middleton and Prince William have no help with their children. While we're sure Middleton's mother would love to have her grandchildren stay with her, why in the world wouldn't the couple leave them with the royal nannies and caretakers? Even in the pandemic, Kensington Palace isn't just William, Middleton, and their kids. It's clear that the outlet's source is either lying through their teeth or entirely made-up — either way, they're wrong about nearly everything.

Royal Gossip Is Frequently Terrible

While it is shocking just how blatantly false this rumor about Middleton's health is, it doesn't come as surprise for us. Life & Style, it seems, has little respect for the women of the royal family. Earlier this month, it claimed that the only reason Meghan Markle hadn't been seen in public was because she was pregnant. Apparently, this outlet is more concerned with stirring up speculation about their appearances than it is with publishing anything true. Instead of attacking a woman for her being a completely healthy weight, maybe it should focus more on finding a source that's had a recent eye exam.


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