Kate Middleton NOT “Furious” With Prince William, Despite Fake News Story

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Prince William Kate Middleton

By Michael Lewittes |

Prince William Kate Middleton

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Kate Middleton is not “furious” with Prince William, nor is she working on fixing the royals’ public image, despite a fake news story. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this fabrication. We’re told it’s all “rubbish.”

Celeb Dirty Laundry, a website that clearly has no royal sources, seemingly is trying to dupe search engines and readers with its made-up tales about Middleton and Prince William. Equally reprehensible is that the repeatedly disproven site cavalierly spews untruths as if they’re facts. The outlet’s latest article, which maintains Middleton is “furious” with her husband for his supposed “recent shenanigans,” is no different. For example, without any concrete proof or quotes from sources, the blog claims Prince William “hasn’t exactly been a model for good husband behavior.” It then adds he’s “never really” been a good spouse.

Of course, the site has nothing to back up its false allegation. Instead, it vaguely throws out that the future king likes to “party with models” in far off lands. When exactly did that happen?

Gossip Cop is going to venture that CDL is referring to Prince William’s ski trip with his buddies in the Swiss Alps last month. A number of equally untrustworthy sites tried to tie the royal to a model who was there named Sophie Taylor. But as Gossip Cop and other legitimate outlets noted, Taylor was with her boyfriend and nothing remotely questionable transpired between her and Prince William. It should also be pointed out that despite the webloid’s assertion about how Prince William “ditched” his wife and kids to hit the slopes, Kate Middleton herself was away in the French Alps for her sister Pippa’s bachelorette party.

But far be it from the website to let the truth and facts get in the way of it stringing together a series of lies. The second half of the site’s article contends that as a result of Prince William’s supposed bad behavior, Middleton is working hard to fix the royals’ image. Outrageously, after stating how it’s been reported that the mental health charity Heads Together was the “brainchild” of Middleton, the sourceless blog snipes, “That may or may not be true.”

Here’s what’s not true: Virtually everything Celeb Dirty Laundry writes about the royals. Among the fake news stories published by the site was a complete fabrication about Middleton flirting last year with British sailor Ben Ainslie. Another more recent lie was that Middelton was helping Pippa ban Meghan Markle from her upcoming wedding. Irrespective of these and numerous other past falsehoods, Gossip Cop looked into latest claim about Middleton being “furious” with Prince William and trying to fix the royals’ image, and an actual insider assures us it’s simplymore “rubbish” from often discredited site.

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