Kate Middleton NOT “Freaking Out” About Third Baby, Despite Report

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Kate Middleton Freaking Out Third Baby

By Shari Weiss |

Kate Middleton Freaking Out Third Baby

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Kate Middleton is not “freaking out” before welcoming her third baby, despite a report. Gossip Cop can bust this silly story. For starters, it comes from a tabloid that still wrongly thinks the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting twins, so the claims are all based on a phony premise.

As Gossip Cop has reported, last October Life & Style falsely claimed the pregnant Middleton was carrying twins. Kensington Palace confirmed to us that the allegation was untrue, and pointed out that the monarchy’s official statement on Twitter about the due date said she and Prince William were “expecting a baby,” as in just one, in April 2018. Absurdly, though, the gossip magazine has continued with its faulty narrative, and is now announcing in a headline on its website, “Kate Middleton Is ‘Freaking out’ Before the Arrival of Her Twins” (see screengrab below).

The online article begins with the assertion that “it could be any day now that Kate Middleton gives birth to her twins.” From there, the outlet claims the mom of two is “going crazy [over] all of the preparation” involved in readying her home for a bigger family. A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “She’s freaking out about all the things she needs to get done before the babies arrive.”

Among the alleged issues is that Middleton supposedly “had a change of heart about the design” of the nursery after finishing it “months ago” and now “wants to redecorate it.” On top of that, the questionable insider contends the duchess is “also frantically shopping for baby clothes because she decided to get new outfits.” The publication goes on to fill out its tale with background information, even including the September Twitter statement from Kensington Palace that announced she and Prince William were “expecting their third child.” Meanwhile, in February Prince William joked about Middleton having twins at an event at Kensington Place, after confirming, “Our third child is due in April, I’m getting as much sleep as I can.” Despite that, the tabloid still maintains Middleton is actually “expecting twins.”

In other words, the magazine wants readers to believe its unnamed and untraceable “sources” over official on-the-record comments from the palace. If that wasn’t far-fetched enough, apparently the outlet also wants visitors to think that Middleton has to do things like decorating the nursery and buying baby clothes all on her own. As a member of the royal family, she has a full staff at her disposal, both for shopping needs and any in-home construction and interior design.

Of course, it addition to the fact that she has not been spotted shopping, it’s highly doubtful the duchess is picking out clothing, since Middleton and Prince William don’t know the sex of their third child yet. Also, in an article about Middleton’s birthing plans, Vanity Fair reports, “The couple’s staff have been overseeing a redesign of the nursery at Kensington Palace to accommodate their third baby.” And while it’s normal for parents to be “stressing out,” as it’s alleged here, before welcoming a new addition to the family, this particular mother has way more help than the average person.

That’s why it’s rather ridiculous and implausible to assert Middleton is “freaking out.” Perhaps if she really did have two babies on the way, she would be feeling particularly anxious or nervous. But again, there is only one more sibling being added to Middleton and Prince William’s brood at this time. Whether they have more kids in the future remains to be seen, but there certainly isn’t going to be two babies joining the family now.

And the fact that the tabloid is still holding on to the “twins” falsehood while simultaneously purporting to have insight on Middleton’s current state shows the magazine is full of it. Of course, Gossip Cop’s trustworthy palace insider, who wasn’t authorized to speak on the record, dismissed the report more politely by simply calling it “rubbish.”

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