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Royal babies are something of a rarity, so it's no wonder that tabloids seem obsessed with the possibility of Kate Middleton being pregnant for the fourth time. The reports vary, with some outlets claiming the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with a baby girl. Others allege that it's twins, but they all have something in common: They're completely untrue. Gossip Cop rounded up the most outrageous articles pushing the bogus story.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle's Matching Motherhood

In July 2018, In Touch pushed the rumor that Middleton and her sister-in-law Meghan Markle were both pregnant and expected to deliver on the same day. The publication alleged that Middleton was having a baby girl while Markle was expecting twins. Though the two royals apparently conceived weeks apart, the outlet covered their tracks by claiming that twins were usually born early, which is how they came to the "same due date" conclusion.

Considering the fact that all of Middleton's children were born at least two years apart, Gossip Cop couldn't believe this rumor. It had only been a few months since Middleton gave birth to Prince Louis. Markle did give birth to a baby boy, not a girl as this tabloid claimed, on May 6, 2019, but the numbers just don't add up for this story to make sense, so we stand by our initial judgement.

Still A-Weight-ing Results

A few months later, Star claimed Middleton was 96 pounds and pregnant. Citing a "palace mole," the publication claimed Prince William and Middleton had started trying to conceive shortly after Prince Louis' birth. They were supposedly "pleasantly surprised" Middleton became pregnant. "Palace pals," however, were concerned that both mother and unborn baby were undernourished due to Middleton's dieting. Gossip Cop checked in with a Kensington Palace staffer, who literally laughed out loud at this claim.

Kate Middleton's Baby Bumped Bullying

The pregnancy rumors didn't stop in 2018. In Touch once again put their foot in their mouths by claiming the Duchess of Cambridge was three months pregnant in March 2019. Alleging that Prince William was "hesitant" about having another child, the outlet reported that Middleton "twisted his arm" to make this fourth pregnancy happen. The only true evidence the gossip rag had to support their claim was a photo in which they claimed to see a baby bump.

Gossip Cop looked into those photos and found that they were from a day Prince William and Middleton played soccer at the Windsor Park stadium in Belfast, Northern Ireland with each other and some little kids. It was clear from other photos taken that day that Middleton had a very flat tummy, which belied the claim that she was three months pregnant.

Prince William Says Relax

A few months later, in September 2019, OK! published a story claiming Middleton was four months pregnant with twin girls. A "palace insider" who spoke with the outlet alleged that Prince William "is urging Kate to take care of herself and relax as much as possible." Gossip Cop smelled something off about this story, so we did a little research.

An article published around the same time by the much more reputable People asserted that the Duchess of Cambridge was actually ramping up her royal duties, not "relaxing" as this tabloid claims. Now that a few months have passed, Gossip Cop is doubly certain we made the right call. Middleton would either be obviously pregnant or would have given birth by now. Once again, a tabloid spread misinformation about the royal family in an effort to get eyes on their pages.

Royally Wrong Royal Gossip

Though some royal rumors are ultimately harmless, a fair amount are less than kind. Tabloids have so often gotten things wrong about the royal family that Gossip Cop has created several compilations of all the strangest, most outlandish claims. For instance, there are claims that the Duke of Cambridge cheated on his wife. Gossip Cop was able to debunk each one of those hurtful rumors. At other times, tabloids enjoy claiming Prince William and Kate Middleton will leapfrog Prince Charles in the royal line of succession to become king and queen. Those rumors were easily dismissed by Gossip Cop. There are very strict rules concerning succession that tabloids love to disregard.


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