Kate Middleton NOT “Four Months Pregnant,” Despite Report

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Kate Middleton Four Months Pregnant

By Shari Weiss |

Kate Middleton Four Months Pregnant


Kate Middleton is NOT “four months pregnant,” despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can debunk the report.

The new issue of Star announces, “It’s Official!” In addition to alleging Middleton is “four months pregnant,” the cover also features a picture of the Duchess of Cambridge that is dated September 27. The magazine wants readers to believe she had a baby bump a MONTH ago and no one noticed until now.

Inside the edition, a headline declares, “It’s A Girl! The Royals Are Ready To Welcome A Sister For George And Charlotte!” A so-called “royal source” claims to the publication, “Kate and William have been actively trying for another little one, and all the signs are there that she’s pregnant. Now Palace insiders are buzzing about the baby’s gender. Everyone is convinced it’s a girl, because even though her bump is still small, Kate appears to be carrying high, a sure sign.”

“So far the terrible morning sickness she endured the other two times hasn’t been an issue,” continues the outlet’s snitch, who noted Prince William “won’t let her lift a finger.” The tabloid further claims that the couple “plan to name their new daughter after his beloved mom, Princess Diana.” Adds the alleged tipster, “In fact, Kate waited until after the solemn anniversary of Diana’s passing [in August] to tell her husband the wonderful news.”

But while Middleton may one day have another daughter, and that little girl could be named Diana, the timeline here is all off. Middleton is NOT four months pregnant, and if she were, the Palace would have announced it. Additionally, if Prince William was so concerned about his supposedly pregnant wife “lift[ing] a finger,” he wouldn’t have allowed her to go on a solo royal trip to the Netherlands earlier this month.

Lastly, contrary to the Star cover, there is nothing “official” about this fabricated pregnancy announcement. The tabloid even admits in its story that all of the pregnancy speculation is based on “signs.” And let’s not forget that this is the same magazine that previously claimed Middleton was pregnant back in June and, before that, in September 2015, a whole year ago.

And that previous June cover even featured the same exact “we’re naming her Diana” and “it’s a girl” lines that are showcased on the new issue. Star is consistent all right… consistently wrong. See the two covers below.

Kate Middleton Four Months Pregnant


Kate Middleton Pregnant Baby Girl June 2016


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