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Gossip Cop has noticed a pervasive trend when it comes to tabloids covering the royal family: Kate Middleton is an angel and Meghan Markle is a devil. One tabloid story this week makes this standard crystal clear.

‘Royals In Crisis’

Life & Style ran a two-page spread covering some principal members of the royal family: The Sussexes, and Kate Middleton. The article is a brief recap of how “the drama shows no signs of letting up for Queen Elizabeth II’s brood.” Every member of the royal family performs philanthropic work and represents the royal empire with pride, but the tabloid focuses on just one member to highlight as “restoring the family name;” and you guessed it: Kate Middleton.

Middleton Even Calls Out Bingo Numbers

This list of Middleton’s good deeds is seemingly endless. She has secured “10,000 [donations] to baby banks” for one thing. She’s been “meeting with frontline workers and calling Bingo numbers for senior citizens over Zoom.” There is literally nothing more wholesome than calling bingo numbers. Bonus, this actually happened!

Praises Middleton As A Mother; No Mention Of Archie

Beyond simply calling her a great philanthropist, the tabloid also notes how good a mother Middleton is too. “Kate has happily filled in for the in-isolation monarch, even as she cares for her three small children,” the tabloid says. In the Markle blurb titled “new backlash over tell-all,” there is nary a mention of how Markle is currently raising her own small child, Archie. The article is written this way to highlight how Middleton is a great mother, and Markle is not.

Compare That To How Markle Is Covered

The same article contains a blurb about the Sussexes and their relationship to Finding Freedom, the recently released biography about the couple. “William and Kate are furious that the book makes them out to be villains,” a supposed friend tells the tabloid. The entire blurb is occupied by a book the Sussexes had nothing to do with.

Evoking The Queen To Criticize

A so-called palace source says “The queen is beyond impressed.” Middleton is such a perfect grandaughter, that she even keeps her issues to herself: “there are days when Kate feels overwhelmed, but she never would want the queen to know that.” If Middelton is overwhelmed but won’t let the queen know, then how would this royal source know?

Unlike Middleton, who has blown the queen away, Markle has upset her majesty. “Queen Elizabeth II…found it intrusive and, at times, harsh.” The difference in coverage is clear: Middleton makes the queen’s life easier, while Markle makes her life worse. This is in character for the tabloid who once bogusly reported that the queen was ordering the Sussexes to get back to work.

There Is No Mention Of Markle's Good Work

The tabloid runs through sentence after sentence of good deeds performed by Middleton and doesn’t say a word of good about Markle. During the pandemic, the Sussexes have focused on supporting Black Lives Matter and launching a new nonprofit entitled Archewell, though that is currently on hold. They aren’t cattily writing tell-alls to make the queen feel sad. The charity work is deliberately not reported so Markle will look bad against the perfect Kate Middleton.

What About The Old Markle Stories?

Life & Style has made many flagrantly incorrect claims regarding Markle, all of which should have been mentioned in a year-in-review piece like this. The omission of these stories proves Gossip Cop was right to debunk them. It said Markle was “officially” pregnant, so why not mention that? This same tabloid once said Markle and Prince Harry were “practically homeless,” so shouldn’t that come up?

Those stories were bogus and designed to disparage Markle. Gossip Cop is not trying to slam any of the work Middleton has done or criticize her in any way. We’re pointing out that the coverage of Middleton is exclusively positive, while the coverage of Markle is exclusively negative. This double standard is pervasive across nearly every tabloid.


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