Kate Middleton “Flirting” With British Sailor Ben Ainslie Story Is NOT True

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Kate Middleton Ben Ainslie

By Michael Lewittes |

Kate Middleton Ben Ainslie

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Kate Middleton was not “flirting” with Olympic sailor Ben Ainslie during a training session on Friday, nor does she have a “crush” on him. And Prince William is certainly not “jealous” about her time with Ainslie, despite a wholly fabricated report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct these inaccurate claims. We’re told it’s total “nonsense.”

According to the repeatedly discredited Celeb Dirty Laundry, while avid sailor Middleton tested out a new Catamaran with Ainslie to be possibly used in the America’s Cup in 2017, it was supposedly apparent that she had a “crush on Ben or was she trying to make Prince William jealous.” The unreliable webloid points to the fact that “Kate had a genuine smile on her face” as she and Ainslie’s team speed along the course in Portsmouth, England. The absurd and often contradictory site then throws in that even if Middleton has “no interest whatsoever” in the “handsome” sailing champ, her “flirty closeness” could have been a ploy to get Prince William “jealous.”

What’s glossed over is that Middleton is active in British sailing and has spearheaded two initiatives to get children from different background into the sport. What’s completely ignored or unknown to CDL, which seemingly was too busying fabricating this “flirting” tale, is that Ainslie is also a married man. Regardless, much like the sail of a Catamaran, the webloid’s story is full of wind.

Gossip Cop looks into every story, no matter how implausible they may seem, and we’re told the site’s claims about Middleton “flirting” with Ainslie and having a crush on the most medaled sailor in Olympic history are untrue. Similarly, she did nothing to warrant Prince William being “jealous.” A royal insider exclusively dismissed the webloid’s report as “nonsense.”

Of course, Gossip Cop is not remotely shocked by the outlet’s inaccuracy. A year and a half ago, we called out the untrustworthy blog for a vile article that predicted Middleton would might follow in Princess Diana’s footsteps, and end up divorced and possibly dead. Naturally, that horrific story was not true, nor is the webloid’s latest idiocy.

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Celeb Dirty Laundry

Kate Middleton flirted with the British sailor, Ben Ainslie.

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