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Kate Middleton did not "flirt" with Austrian tennis player Dominic Thiem, causing Prince William to become "annoyed," despite a new report from an outlet that routinely makes up phony stories about the Duchess of Cambridge. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim. We're told it's "utter nonsense."

Celeb Dirty Laundry, which is often royally wrong about Middleton, now alleges she flirted with Thiem when she met him on Monday at Wimbledon. It's noteworthy that no reporters from the repeatedly discredited blog were actually at Wimbledon and that no other outlet characterized her innocuous encounter with the tennis player as flirting or anything else that would be construed as inappropriate for a married woman. Still, the webloid maintains Middleton "couldn't hide her excitement" around Thiem, leaving "Prince William once again annoyed by her behavior." Gossip Cop cannot recall a time when the future king was visibly upset in public with his wife.

Disregarding the facts and the truth, CDL trudges on to falsely claim Middleton acted like "a smitten schoolgirl" when asked by the handsome athlete if she played tennis. It then further untruthfully claims that "this isn't the first" time she's been "spotted flirting with a handsome man in public," before it mentions how she and her husband spent time last year with Olympic sailor Ben Ainslie. Of course, the alleged "flirting" with Ainslie was a fabrication that the website manufactured and which Gossip Cop already debunked.

Clearly illustrating its ignorance about the royals, despite its incessant (and incorrect) reports about them, the blog then adds, "If there is one person Kate Middleton doesn't flirt with in public, it's her husband Prince William." The absurd outlet, which has no sources for its current story (and scores of others) about Middleton, then blathers about how Prince William and Middleton "rarely show any affection whenever they are in public." Almost insanely, CDL ends its dreadfully off-base article by noting, "So far Prince William hasn't made any public comments about Kate Middleton's flirting."

Gossip Cop doesn't even know where to start with this idiocy, but we'll try. Here's what really happened: As widely known, Middleton is a tennis enthusiast and has been a fixture at Wimbledon since long before she even met Prince William. Prior to the first matches on Monday, she met Thiem and Agnieszka Radwanska. Middleton neither flirted with him nor the female Polish tennis player. She was simply being cordial with them before the storied British tournament began.

Regarding the webloid's ludicrous statements about how Middleton "doesn't flirt with in public" and rarely shows "any affection" with Prince William, it's royal protocol not to do so. It has nothing to do with their relationship, which Gossip Cop is told is rock solid. We're waiting (not really) for CDL to next gripe about how Queen Elizabeth never gets up on Prince Philip in public.

More seriously, as we have exhaustively noted before, CDL simply publishes fabricated lies about the royals. In the past, we have debunked a slew of similarly untrue articles from that site about Middleton "flirting" with Ainslie, leaving Prince William "jealous." Not one of those claims were true, and notably none of the webloid's stories quoted any sources, presumably because the outlet doesn't have any.

In any event, because we are the only site that fact-checks celebrity reporting, despite how inane CDL's latest report is, we still reached out to one of our impeccable royal insiders. And like some players at Wimbledon, the blog has served up yet another fault. One particularly reliable source assures Gossip Cop the Middleton story involving Thiem is "utter nonsense."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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