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Kate Middleton has not spent her "first days with baby #3" because she hasn't given birth yet to her and Prince William's third child, despite a deceptive story teased on the cover of one of this week's tabloids. Gossip Cop can debunk this report, which also features the Duchess of Cambridge holding a newborn and has a quote presumably from her that goes, "We're so blessed" (see below). As of posting time, however, Middleton has not had baby number three.

Knowing that she's due any day now, since Kensington Palace announced in October that Middleton was expecting in April, and hoping the birth would coincide with when the magazine hit newsstands, In Touch published a story designed to trick readers into thinking it had a scoop about the royal's "first days" with her and Prince William's new baby. But after consumers are duped into spending $3.99, based on the tabloid's cover, the article inside the publication is entirely different. Under a similar sounding headline, "Kate's First Days As A New Mom," the outlet quotes an unnamed, unidentifiable and almost assuredly fake "source" as maintaining Middleton wants to get "in and out of the hospital as quickly as possible" because she "wants to start bonding with the baby."

Of course, the supposed "source" is not saying anything particularly unique to Middleton's situation. It's natural for mothers to want to begin "bonding" with their infants. And actually that process generally starts in the hospital right after birth when parents hold their children and stare into their eyes, according to a University of California, Davis Medical Center report.

The rest of the tabloid's story is filled with more generalities from its questionable "source," who asserts Middleton is "worried [daughter] Charlotte may be jealous" and wants to be home also with Prince George so that they "adjust to having a new sibling." Once again, it's a universal concern of parents how the older siblings will react to the introduction of a new baby, and as a result, much has been written by parenting blogs and medical institutions. It has nothing specific to do with the Duchess of Cambridge.

More significantly, the article's untraceable remarks are wholly unconnected to the tabloid's disingenuous cover that was made to look like the magazine had a scoop about the "first days" after the birth of the new royal. Curiously, the outlet never explains where it's cover line, "We're so blessed" came from. A quick search online shows Middleton did not recently say anything like that. Additionally, Gossip Cop confirmed with a royal insider, who was not authorized to speak on the record, that the quotation did not come from Kensington Palace.

As for the image on the cover of the Duchess cradling a baby, that's actually a picture of Middleton holding Prince George outside St. Mary's Hospital hospital after his birth in July 2013. It's certainly not a new picture, and it's clearly not the latest royal. The baby has not arrived yet, and on Saturday, Prince William joined other members of the family at Royal Albert Hall for a 92nd birthday celebration of Queen Elizabeth. Had Middleton gone into labor, Prince William would have missed that event and been by the expectant mother's side. In summary, the tabloid's tale is nothing more than a bait-and-switch, filled with phony quotations.

Kate Middleton Baby 3

(In Touch, Getty Images)

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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