Kate Middleton An “Out-Of-Control Diva”?

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Kate Middleton Diva Queen elizabeth

By Shari Weiss |

Kate Middleton Diva Queen elizabeth

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Kate Middleton is NOT an “out-of-control diva,” despite a tabloid story that falsely claims Queen Elizabeth is “angry” with her. Gossip Cop can debunk the report, which is just the latest in a long line wrongly pitting the two royals against each other.

This latest version comes courtesy of Life & Style, which alleges that the Queen “is royally ticked that Kate has been spending money like an out-of-control diva.” The “chief offense” is said to be Middleton’s decision to recently use a helicopter to travel to London, while Queen Elizabeth opted for a much cheaper train ride. “The Queen thinks the extravagance makes the royal family look bad,” writes the outlet.

The magazine deems the supposed $5,000 helicopter ride “just the latest example of Kate’s spendthrift ways.” In contrast, for Queen Elizabeth, “the cheaper, the better,” says a so-called “insider.” But “Kate couldn’t be more different, and it’s causing more and more friction.”

Of course, it was almost exactly a year ago that Life & Style did a whole inaccurate cover story about how Middleton was “at war” with the Queen. And it was just last month that the tabloid erroneously claimed Middleton had announced over Christmas that she was “pregnant again.” So let’s be clear: The outlet’s royal sources are positively dreadful.

Life & Style keeps telling dramatic tales about Middleton and family that rarely, if ever, turn out to be true. Now Gossip Cop is told this new one is nothing but “more rubbish.” That means it’s the tabloid that’s out of control. Not Middleton.


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