Life & Style Tries Tricking Readers Into Thinking Kate Middleton Gave Birth

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Kate Middleton Delivery Room

By Daniel Gates |

Kate Middleton Delivery Room

(Life & Style)

Life & Style, which has made up countless Kate Middleton stories, sunk to new lows this week, publishing a bait-and-switch cover that tries to trick readers into thinking the Duchess of Cambridge already gave birth after last-minute medical drama. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

The magazine’s cover reads, “It’s a Girl for Kate! DELIVERY ROOM DRAMA.” It adds words like “panic” and phrases such as “last-minute C-section scare.” It promises to highlight “George’s first meeting with his baby sister.” And NONE of these things actually happened.

Kate is due to give birth in mid-to-late April. She has not been in a delivery room. She has not gone into labor. She has not given birth to a baby girl. She and Prince William have not welcomed their second child. The entire Life & Style premise is bogus.

But that doesn’t stop the tabloid from pretending it has a “delivery room drama” scoop. The article itself is speculative nonsense about an alleged fight between the Middletons and the royal family, Kate’s allegedly “fraught” pregnancy, and the Duchess supposedly straining under a demanding appearance schedule set up to please Queen Elizabeth. It’s basically a rehashing of many previous Life & Style falsehoods.

It shows just how little actual news Life & Style has to report that it’s been forced to try cheap tricks rather than actual reporting. When Kate actually gives birth, Gossip Cop will have the story, and Life & Style will have to find out about the news from more reliable outlets.


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