OK! Pretends Kate Middleton Gave Birth With Deceptive “Dramatic Delivery” Cover

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Kate Middleton Delivery

By Daniel Gates |

Kate Middleton Delivery


Kate Middleton has not given birth to her second child. OK! magazine wants you to think she has, publishing a bait-and-switch cover story that’s just a pile of nonsense. Gossip Cop is getting tired of OK! doing this. The tabloid has previously run bait-and-switch cover reports falsely suggesting Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Aniston were pregnant, that Kim Kardashian and Jenna Dewan were having second babies, and that Miranda Lambert was expecting twins.

Last year, OK! ran two separate Mila Kunis “dramatic delivery” stories, both of which happened before the actress actually gave birth. That’s what the magazine is doing again now. Middleton’s due date is “mid to late April.” The baby has not arrived. But OK! needs to sell copies, and there’s no better way to do that than a bogus “Dramatic Delivery!” cover, promising purported details about “family and security [rushing] to [the] hospital” and Middleton’s mom going “crazy” in the waiting room. None of this actually happened.

The story itself is nothing like the cover. OK! is in “filler” mode, loading up its empty article with stuff about her father-in-law Prince Charles supposedly being upset that Kate’s mother Carole gets to spend more time with Prince George than he does. According to the outlet, Kate and Prince William are planning to head off family squabbles with their second child by forcing the Middletons to wait until Charles and Queen Elizabeth have first met the newest royal.

Then there’s a discussion of Kate’s anxiety about labor pain and early contractions, and we get to this quote from some phony OK! source: “Everyone’s on high alert, including their security team, in case they need to rush to the hospital for a sudden, dramatic delivery. William has already raised the alarm a few times, convinced she was going into labor.”

Oh… so the whole “Kate’s Dramatic Delivery!” cover is about events that haven’t happened. Got it. Well, OK! has such a hard time filling its pages every week with actual events and facts, it’s no surprise the magazine so frequently has to resort to cover stories about imaginary things. When Kate and William actually do welcome their second child, Gossip Cop will report it. Until then, we’ll bust OK! and other outlets forced to fake their “news.”


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