Site Predicts Kate Middleton Will Die Like Princess Diana

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Kate Middleton Dead

By Daniel Gates |

Kate Middleton Dead

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Celeb Dirty Laundry, a bottom-feeding webloid, now implies that Kate Middleton may follow in Princess Diana’s footsteps and wind up divorced and possibly dead. The site’s new headline states, “Kate Middleton Following Princess Diana’s Life Trajectory: Do 6 Eerie Similarities Foretell a Similar Future?” It’s sick garbage, just like it sounds.

Apparently bored with making up stories about Robert Pattinson and other celebrities, CDL tackles royalty on Monday, pointing out the “frightening similarities” between the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband Prince William’s late mother. After acknowledging that Kate’s life right now seems pretty good, the site points out that Diana once seemed happy, too.

But within a few years of her own marriage, explains CDL, “Princess Diana was visibly anorexic, miserable and struggling while Prince Charles was philandering shamelessly. Within 15 years they were divorced and, a year after that, Diana was dead.” Um, what does any of this have to do with Kate and William?

Well, CDL outlines six ways in which the two women are similar, except none of it makes any sense. For instance, the site claims that because Kate is thin, it means she’s “starving for perfection,” just like Diana. But there’s actually zero evidence that Kate lives unhealthfully. That’s just a thing CDL decided to say because it sounded salacious. Just like the webloid’s allegation that William is a “straying husband” who “routinely cossets himself behind closed doors with eager women while his wife is away.” Uh, is there any actual proof of William straying with one woman, much less many?

Most of the Celeb Dirty Laundry story is just… ridiculous. For example, the site mentions that both Kate and Diana were under pressure to produce an heir. Both women did. But Diana’s marriage did not fall apart (and she did not die) because she gave birth to William and Harry, so it’s not clear why Kate’s motherhood is somehow an indication of doom. CDL also mentions how Kate is pursued by paparazzi, just like Diana was. That’s true, but thousands of celebrities are followed by photographers. Diana’s tragic death while being chased by cameramen does not “predict” a similar end for Kate.

CDL concludes, “When Prince William slid his dead mother’s ring on Kate Middleton’s slender finger, was it the beginning of the end for the perky princess-to-be? We have to ask if Wills continues on a path like his father, could Kate continue on the path of his mother that sees them divorced? It’s scary to think about and makes you wonder if the crown is worth it?”

Actually, it makes us wonder why people take anything Celeb Dirty Laundry says about Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart or any other famous person seriously. Because this is the sensational, sick drivel that drives CDL, a site that will seemingly say anything, even eagerly predicting a young mother’s death, for the sake of controversy.


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