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Did Kate Middleton collapse over Prince William allegedly cheating on her with family friend Rose Hanbury? That's what is being reported in one of this week's celebrity magazines. The claim, however, is completely untrue.

According to the Globe, "Tormented by fears her husband cheated and her royal marriage can never be saved," Middleton worked herself up into such a "frazzled state" during their "trial separation" that she "collapsed" on a bathroom floor inside her parents' home. The supermarket tabloid asserts Middleton has grown "frailer from barely eating and sleeping for more than two weeks." To back up its premise, the outlet trots out a so-called "royal insider" who maintains, "She's been picking at her food."

The anonymous source adds how everything "came to a head after [Middleton] locked herself in the bathroom" at her parents' house, where she could be heard "weeping hysterically." The supposed tipster contends, "After failing to appear an hour later, her mom knocked on the door but got no response," and so she used a key to open the door of the bathroom, where she "found Kate crumbled in a heap." After her mother was able to revive the Duchess of Cambridge, "William and a doctor were called," claims the tabloid's insider. But when Middleton saw her husband, she "began crying and screaming," and he ultimately left.

Curiously, the often discredited magazine doesn't mention when Middleton "collapsed" or how it's literally the only outlet in the world to have learned this. The truth, of which the tabloid doesn't seem terribly concerned about, is that Middleton never fainted or "crumbled" in her parents' home. Nor has she been recently "tormented" or "frazzled," as evidenced by the photo (above) taken earlier in the week.

Simply, the publication has been adding a new fictitious chapter every week to its ongoing tale about the duke and duchess of Cambridge. Two weeks ago, it wrongly claimed Prince William and Middleton were in "divorce talks." That was followed last week with yet another concocted piece about Middleton having "moved out" on Prince William during a "trial separation."

Of course, as Gossip Cop previously noted, Prince William and Middleton are not in a "trial separation," nor are they consulting divorce attorneys. In fact, lawyers for the royal family have dismissed the infidelity reports as "false speculation." But instead of cutting its losses and abandoning its phony narrative, the tabloid did what it does best, which is create an untrue article about a royal having unexpectedly "collapsed."

Last August, with the help of some photoshopping, the Globe manufactured a bogus cover story about Queen Elizabeth having collapsed after hearing Prince Philip had cancer, a diagnosis that has never been confirmed by any legitimate outlet. That article from 270 days ago mistakenly swore up and down that Prince Philip had only "90 days to live."

With presumably the success of that story on newsstands, the same habitually disproven publication insisted Queen Elizabeth collapsed (again) after Meghan Markle started a "family war" over Christmas. But as Gossip Cop noted back then, when the tabloid printed its tale about the supposed Christmas fight, the holidays hadn't actually begun yet and none of the royals were even at Sandringham, where the argument allegedly took place. In fact, the only thing that "collapsed," upon closer inspection, was the outlet's claims.

The reality is, far from being estranged from the royal family, Middleton continues happily representing it at various charity functions, including attending Wednesday's opening in London of a new facility at the Anna Freud Centre, which is devoted to the mental health of children. Most significantly, earlier in the week Queen Elizabeth personally made Middleton a Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order, which is the highest honor that can be bestowed by Her Majesty, as a thank you for the duchess's work on behalf of the monarch. Once again, the only ones cheated are the readers of that tabloid who are weekly fed false reports.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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